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Great Protein Shake Recipes

November 20th, 2017

Our Favorite Recipes for Protein Shakes We've gotten a lot of questions about protein shakes and other supplements over the past few months, so we thought we'd do a post to offer you some tasty prote...
Spirit Fitness XS895 Stepper featured

Spirit Fitness XS895 Stepper is Here!

November 13th, 2017

The Spirit Fitness XS895 Stepper Has Arrived at RX Fitness! RX Fitness Equipment is proud to announce that we have received the revolutionary new Spirit Fitness XS895 Stepper into our inventory and w...
Pull up technique

The Correct Pull Up

November 6th, 2017

How to Correctly Execute a Pull Up The pull up is a deceptively simple exercise, but it’s actually difficult to do and even harder to master. In fact, a pull up is one of those almost expert level tri...
rowing machine featured man

The Rowing Machine

October 30th, 2017

A Proper Rowing Machine Workout You may have noticed a rowing machine, aka rower, ergometer or "erg" gathering dust in the corner of your neighborhood gym. Or, you may only know it as Frank and Claire...
Choosing healthy snacks

Choosing Healthy Snacks

October 23rd, 2017

Healthy Snacks to Stay Full and Energized All Day Healthy snacks. Exactly what does that mean? Most nutritionists and scientists agree that eating smaller quantities multiple times a day is far health...
Get rid of cellulite

The Curse of Cellulite

October 16th, 2017

How Can You Get Rid of Cellulite? Cellulite, those fat dimples in our skin, is the bane of many of us past our 20s — even for some of us in our 20s! It’s the stuff that we all try to get rid of or hid...
Kettlebell Overhead Lunge exercise

Kettlebell Overhead Lunge

October 9th, 2017

Step by Step Instructions for the Kettlebell Overhead Lunge We bring you another kettlebell workout this week in our ongoing series. This kettlebell routine is intended for intermediate users. Below a...

How to Develop Grip Strength

October 2nd, 2017

A Few Tips to Help You Develop Grip Strength Making sure that you develop grip strength is almost as important to your strength training as lifting all those weights. As you begin to move up in weigh...

Waking Up Early

September 25th, 2017

Waking Up Early – Is It Good For You? What's so great about waking up early? There's a lot of truth to the old cliché, “the early bird gets the worm.” While you might be the kind of person who is loat...

Body Fat Percentage

September 18th, 2017

Body Fat Percentage – Why Should You Care? You might have heard bodybuilders, or other fitness "enthusiasts" who seem to be obsessed with muscles and bulking up, talking about body fat percentage. The...
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Mike S.
Mike S.

2017-11-11 07:23:26

They couldn't be friendlier and more helpful. They have a great selection, listen you your wants and needs and give great suggestions. Their equipment...

Stephanie H.
Stephanie H.

2017-10-21 20:25:38

It's a beautiful store with a wide range of equipment ranging from inexpensive foam rollers to high-end cardio and weight lifting quipment. Tim and his...

Phil X.
Phil X.

2017-10-19 13:30:59

I found Joey to be quite knowledgeable about all their products and also about fitness training. I highly recommend Rx Fitness.