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The Deadlifting Workout

Deadlifting – To Deadlift or Not To Deadlift

Deadlifting - woman performing a deadlift.

Deadlifting is the classic strongman stunt you see in all kinds of media. It’s also a major olympic event, the one where men and women lift a barbell carrying huge amounts of weight over their heads. It looks really, really difficult and requires great strength and technique. Most of us dismiss it as an exercise for bodybuilders or serious fitness addicts who spend hours a day in the gym. But here’s the secret: it’s not. With the right knowledge, regular practice and most importantly, patience, dedication, and the proper technique, anyone can do it!

Why Should I Deadlift?

The deadlift is the king of exercises in the physique building world. Deadlifts target your quads, hamstrings, gluts, spinal erectors, abs, traps, and upper lats. Of course, deadlifts are usually only carried out by the truly determined. The average gym patron doesn’t perform deadlifts because they usually lift only for recreation and general fitness. They don’t have the training or knowledge necessary to properly perform deadlifts. But the fact is the deadlift is one of the best exercises around, whether you want to build muscle, tone, burn fat, or increase strength.

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Spirit Fitness XT485 Treadmill

DEAL OF THE WEEK – Save $600 on the Spirit Fitness XT485 Treadmill *

Spirit Fitness XT485 Treadmill 1799

This is our first offering of the Spirit XT485 treadmill as our Deal of the Week in several months! Regularly $2399.99, you can save 25% this week at RX Fitness. The XT485 is Spirit’s top of the line folding treadmill. This workhorse has a 20” x 60” workout area and a 3.5hp motor. The exclusive Fusion program integrates cardio and strength to help you achieve your fitness goals. These features along with a large 9” LCD and message center help keep you motivated day after day.

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Kettlebell Power Plank with Row

Step by Step Instructions for the Kettlebell Power Plank with Row

This week, we have another kettlebell workout in our ongoing series. This kettlebell routine is intended for advanced users. Below are step by step instructions for the proper execution of the Kettlebell Power Plank with Row – also known as the Renegade Row exercise. Like all weightlifting exercises, the kettlebell Renegade Row routine should be executed with care and attention to proper form. The muscle groups most affected by this kettlebell exercise will be the middle back, latissimus dorsi, biceps, triceps, abdominals and the chest. Warm up before beginning this exercise or any kettlebell routine. To see our other posts on kettlebell exercises, click “kettlebells” in the dropdown Categories menu to your right.

kettlebell power plank with row muscle groups

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Bodyguard E40 Elliptical

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DEAL OF THE WEEK – Save $400 on the Bodyguard E40 Elliptical *

Bodyguard E40 Elliptical $1799

This week we are featuring the Bodyguard E40 Elliptical once again as our Deal of the Week! Regularly $2199.99, you can save 18% this week at RX Fitness. The Bodyguard E40 has all the benefits of a heavy-duty platform frame in a space efficient footprint. The E40 is simple to use. Just get on and go! A space-saving design and focus on quality make this a great choice for those who want a smooth ride without unnecessary bells and whistles..

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Quick Workouts

Quick Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

quick workouts you can do anywhere

Sometimes, getting to the gym or doing your normal fitness routine at home is just not possible. Perhaps you’re traveling, stuck in an unfamiliar place, not at home, or you’re simply in a rush. Whatever the reason, circumstances shouldn’t determine whether or not you get in your daily exercise. There are plenty of easy, uncomplicated exercises for effective, quick workouts you can do anywhere.

Bodyweight Exercises

Whether you’re exercising at home or at the gym, bodyweight exercises are your friend. In fact, bodyweight exercises, despite seeming simple, are incredibly effective – possibly the most effective form of exercise you can do! When you’re pressed for time or find yourself in an inconvenient place, like a hotel room or stuck in the office, try some of the exercises below. Don’t let location or convenience stop you from getting your workout in.

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Exercising With a Workout Partner

Why You Should Have a Workout Partner

Running with a workout partner

What can a workout partner add to your fitness plan? The secret to any successful exercise routine is patience. It takes consistent action over time to see the desired results. The key word here is “consistent.” Without consistency, it doesn’t matter how hard or how long your workout routine is.

So, until you make regular workouts a habit, which for some people can take months or even years, every workout can be a struggle. It’s important to eliminate as many barriers to entry as possible. To give yourself the best chance of sticking to your workout routine, one of the best ways is to find a workout partner who can go through your workout right along with you. That doesn’t mean you both have to do the same exercises. It just means that you’re there with each other for support and encouragement.

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Spirit Fitness XE895 Elliptical Trainer

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TWO WEEKS ONLY! Save $1000 on the Spirit XE895 Elliptical Trainer *

Spirit XE 895 Elliptical $1999

An outstanding Deal of the Week has been extended for two weeks with a great price on this elliptical trainer from Spirit Fitness. A “Best Buy” at the suggested retail price of $2999.99, the Spirit Fitness XE895 Elliptical Trainer is a steal at this great sale price of $1999.99. For two weeks only, you will save $1000 on the XE895 Elliptical Trainer. That’s a 33% savings on an already excellent value in a top-quality elliptical.

The Spirit Fitness XE895 was designed with comfort, durability, and value in mind. With an electronically adjustable stride length of 18 to 24 inches in half-inch increments and narrow pedal spacing to ensure an ideal stride motion, the XE895 ensures maximum comfort for users of all sizes and fitness levels. This is further enhanced by the oversized cushioned foot pedals and multi-position handlebars.

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Proper Gym Etiquette

Observing Proper Gym Etiquette – Your Guide to Playing Well With Others

Observing Proper Gym Etiquette

Working out in a public environment, like your favorite gym, requires a certain spirit of cooperation and at least a modicum of courtesy. Observing proper gym etiquette will go a long way toward providing you and those around you with a much more pleasant workout experience. No one likes “that guy” or “that gal” in the gym – the one who’s rude, or sloppy, or loud and overbearing. From yoga to weightlifting, there’s no wrong way to get in shape as long as you have the right attitude. Unfortunately, gym etiquette is typically a system of unwritten rules and protocols that require you to rely on a little common sense. Acceptable behavior in the gym is not that different than anywhere else. Treat others with the courtesy you expect for yourself, wait your turn, and clean up after yourself. For a few more tips on how to keep your experience in the gym a positive one while respecting those around you, here’s a guide with a few pointers everyone would do well to follow.

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Paradigm Functional Trainer – Deal of the Week

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Save $1100 on the Paradigm Commercial Grade Functional Trainer *

Paradigm Functional Trainer $2599

The Deal of the Week for the first week of Summer … RX Fitness Equipment is offering a blockbuster deal on an amazing commercial grade functional trainer. The PARADIGM Functional Trainer is only $2599.99 during this offer, and features 2 shrouded stacks of 210 pounds each with a resistance level of 2:1, a dual-roller mechanism for ultra smooth and quiet movement, 22 adjustment positions and all the accessories you need for a great workout. Don’t miss an opportunity to pick up a truly commercial quality piece of equipment at unbelievable savings … $1100 off our regular price of $3699.99!

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Stretching Exercises

Stretching Exercises – How to Stretch Off Your Aches and Pains

stretching exercises shoulder stretch

If you’re like most people, chances are you spend a large part of your day sitting behind a desk or otherwise sedentary. Whether you’re typing away at a computer from home or at an office, it’s likely your limbs spend many hours crunched up. Stretching exercises, whether you’re an avid exerciser or a moderate one, is a good habit to get into. Regular stretching exercise will keep your limbs nimble, encourage healthy blood flow, and will help stave off the aches and pains you contract while sitting around. However, as with anything, proper stretching exercises have their own set of rules and guidelines. Since improper stretching can do more harm than good, learning the right types of stretching and their techniques is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

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TRUE M50 Treadmill

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DEAL OF THE WEEK – Save $400 on the TRUE Fitness M50 Treadmill *

True M50 Treadmill only $1899

This week at RX Fitness Equipment we’re offering a great deal on the TRUE Fitness M50 Treadmill as our Deal of the Week! This is an outstanding value discounted from its MSRP of $2299.99 and for the next week, you can save $400 and take it home for only $1899.99. The TRUE M50 is the best value in a top-quality home treadmill available in our store. Featuring TRUE’s orthopedic belt and aluminum straddle covers, the M50 stands apart from the rest. Save almost 18% THIS WEEK ONLY at RX Fitness Equipment in Thousand Oaks.

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Protein Powder – What You Need to Know

Protein Powder – The Secret Ingredient to Fitness?

Protein powder facts

We hear a lot about the importance of “getting your protein in” before or after a workout. We’ve seen videos of muscled men and women blending raw eggs into “power shakes” and we’ve all heard friends wax poetic about their pre-and-post gym protein routines. But what if you’re just starting out? How do you know what, if anything, you should be drinking and how often? Should you have a protein shake before your workout or after? What’s the difference between proteins? Is “whey” protein better than other types? If it seems there’s a lot to sort through when it comes to protein supplements, and you’re a little confused, then you’re not alone. And we’re going to try and help you sift through all of this to determine what’s best for you. Read on.

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Spirit Fitness XBR 25 Fitness Bike – Deal of the Week

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Save $250 on the Spirit Fitness XBR 25 Fitness Bike *

Spirit Fitness XBR 25 Fitness Bike $999

This week’s deal is another outstanding exercise bike from Spirit Fitness and it’s been a year since we last offered it as the Deal of the Week. This piece is a “Best Buy” at the suggested retail price of $1199 but it’s a huge bargain at this week’s sale price of $999.99. Plus, we’re throwing in a free mat with a retail value of $49.99! For one week only, you will save $250 on the Spirit Fitness XBR 25 with mat. That’s a 20% savings on an already well-priced, top-quality exercise bike.

The XBR 25 is the entry level semi-recumbent bike from Spirit Fitness. It offers six programs with extensive console feedback and integrated swivel fan, reading rack, accessory holder, and dual beverage holders. In addition to convenience, the Spirit XRB 25 is designed to be durable, comfortable, and smooth, qualities you’ll find in all Spirit Fitness bikes. Easy adjustments, bright LCD screens, a cooling fan, and mesh back seats are standard on all models.

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Eating Out and Eating Healthy

Eating Healthy While Eating Out – A Healthy Diet Away from Home

Eating out and eating healthy

When it comes to sticking to a healthy diet, there is never a shortage of obstacles to challenge your resolve. Preparing healthy meals at home becomes relatively easy after a while or, if not easy, habitual. But eating healthily while eating out can still be a problem. Most of us consider dining out to be a bit of an indulgence and we like to capitalize on that indulgence by ordering something tasty and satisfying. We want to get the most bang for our buck, as it were, so we tend to forgive ourselves for straying from our plan. And with so many tasty things on the menu, it’s easy to get caught up in the mouth-watering moment and order something that might not be the best for your fitness goals. So how does one eat healthy while eating out? Remembering the following tips and tricks could help you make better choices while finding your meal away from home just as enjoyable.

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DSF Glute Hamstring Developer

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Save $200 on the DSF Glute Hamstring Developer (GHD) *

DSF Glute Ham $499

Our Deal of the Week offers great savings on the DSF Glute Hamstring Developer. Also known as a glute ham or a GHD, this piece of equipment is designed to isolate those difficult areas on your lower body and develop an athlete’s glutes and hamstrings. To accomplish this, you must do GHD raises. This week only you can save $200 on the DSF Glute Hamstring Developer at RX Fitness. This is an outstanding value for a top quality GHD. Ideal for home or commercial use, this glute ham bench has a wide range of adjustments to accommodate your workout preferences and includes wheels for mobility and storage. Normally $699.99, this week you can get this GHD for only $499.99. That’s a 29% savings!

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