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What You Should Know About RX Fitness Equipment

Statistics show that roughly two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. That rather startling number has created a country that is out of shape and in dire need of help to reverse the trend. A regular exercise routine is one way to make that happen, but in order to get the body you want and deserve, you need the very best equipment available. That is exactly what we are here to provide.

Meet the RX

Management Team

Tim Adams

Tim and Darci Adams conceived RX Fitness Equipment as a collaborative effort amongst health and fitness professionals with the goal of getting as many people as possible back in shape, one person at a time. More than 1,700 therapists, personal trainers, chiropractors, nutritionists, doctors, and health experts have come together to create the foundation upon which RX Fitness Equipment is built. We are hoping that what started as a mission in a small retail location in Thousand Oaks, California will become a full-blown regional effort to educate people on the importance of fitness and exercise. This website is simply one step on the road to a much loftier goal.

Darci Adams

The RX Fitness philosophy is about much more than being a sales leader in the fitness equipment industry. It is also about encouraging those who purchase the equipment and providing them with the help and support they need to reach their weight loss and fitness goals. In an effort to help as many people as possible, we deliver quality equipment to gyms, personal trainers, physical therapy providers, and just about every type of health and fitness facility that you can imagine. But, we’re also here to serve the needs of those in search of the single perfect piece of home exercise equipment, or an entire home gym. The more people who have access to fitness equipment, the sooner we can begin to turn around the obesity problem that is rampant in this country.

Charles Hoffman

Charles Hoffman grew up locally in Anaheim Hills, attending El Rancho Jr. High and Canyon High School, directly across the street from our Anaheim Hills location. After completing high school, Charles joined the U.S. Marine Corps. Charles believed the Marines would afford an opportunity to make a difference in the world and improve lives in the event he was ever deployed. Charles served during the Persian Gulf War, in both capacities of Security Forces and Infantry Marine. After the Marine Corps, Charles worked in Finland for two years before returning to the states, where he continued his education while concurrently working as an auditor in the grocery industry for 8 years.

Charles had accumulated a wealth of life experience, a strong affinity for fitness, and a sincere desire to help others achieve their goals and improve their lives. In 2005, this prompted him to follow his passion – selling high end fitness equipment.

He enjoys spending time with his wife Merlyn and their 3 boys, or playing with his beloved English Bulldog Chesty. Charles also follows his passion of hiking and climbing as often as possible, exploring our local hills and mountains.

Joey Snyder

Joey Snyder‘s love for athletics and fitness started in high school where he participated on both the varsity cross-country and track teams. In 2005 he graduated with a B.S. Degree in Kinesiology (Exercise Science) from Cal State Northridge and went on to work in health and fitness development and research a variety of training methods. Joey founded his own training business in the fall of 2009 where he has since helped coach and train the Westlake High Cross Country and Track teams. He now spends much of his time working as a Cardiovascular Specialist at the Moorpark Athletic Club and co-managing the Future Track Running Center, a fitness pillar in our community.

After having been a customer of ours for over 6 years, we invited Joey to join us as a sales associate, where he will use his considerable knowledge and skills to serve our clientele. RX Fitness is fortunate to add him to our staff, and our customers will appreciate his dedication to our mission to help you find the equipment you need, not the equipment we need to sell. Please welcome Joey Snyder to RX Fitness Equipment.

Erik Lopez

Delivery Manager Erik Lopez began his career in the fitness industry in 2000, working for TuffStuff Fitness. Erik started in the shipping department, packing and arranging for deliveries, finally settling at a desk in the service department. His responsibilities included troubleshooting, assembling products, finding steps that made assembly easier, removing stumbling blocks customers might encounter to streamline the assembly process, and quality control.

Delivering and assembling equipment for various fitness companies in 2002, Erik came to us in 2006 and has been helping bring fitness to our clients as lead delivery and assembly technician ever since.

Erik has been happily married for 20 years, and has 4 beautiful daughters. He enjoys spending quality time watching movies and barbequing with his family, in his off time.

Fernando Alvarez

Service Manager Fernando Alvarez started his career in the fitness industry working for Olympia Health and Fitness in 1990 as a delivery and assembly technician. Olympia was subsequently purchased by LA Gym Fitness, where Fernando worked his way up to Service Manager. He went on to work as Service Manager for Pronto Installations, covering California, Arizona and Nevada through 2011, when his current company Fastech Fitness was born.

Fernando is a certified service tech for most major brands in the fitness industry, also performing service training throughout Southern California and Latin America. Fernando loves the fitness industry and takes pride in helping customers solve issues. He is so experienced in his trade that he can frequently remedy a problem over the phone. How’s that for rapid service?

Fernando is also an avid hiker and the proud father of 2 young boys.

What Type of Fitness Equipment Do We Offer?

We are well aware that you have plenty of choices when it comes to buying fitness equipment, which is why we are so picky about the equipment that we carry. While it is our goal to have an extensive collection to choose from, we would much rather sacrifice quantity in favor of quality.

As such, all of the brands that we carry at RX Fitness Equipment – Life Fitness, True Fitness, Octane, Stairmaster, Star Trac, Spirit Fitness, Inspire Fitness, Aviron, WaterRower, BodyCraft, and others – are those that have a proven track record of delivering positive results. Each and every piece of equipment, from floor mats all the way up to complete home gyms, has been chosen because it delivers the level of quality and excellence that we strive for in everything we do. These are all pieces that professional personal trainers and top-level gyms would choose for their clients.

We Are Here to Help

Here at RX Fitness Equipment, we are well aware of how daunting it can be to choose the equipment that is perfect for your specific needs. That is why we encourage you to contact us at any time with your questions and concerns. Please feel free to call us during business hours at (805) 409-8600, or drop us an e-mail anytime that is convenient for you. Our courteous, professional staff will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and we’ll continue to strive to be the very best in the business.

If you’re thinking of getting in shape and need quality exercise equipment to help you get there, please allow us the opportunity to lend a hand.

Meet Tim Adams