After You Lose Weight

After You Lose Weight

A Short Guide for How to Proceed After You Lose Weight

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Reaching your goal weight should be a time for celebration, but for many, reaching that point means trying to figure out what to do after you lose weight. You deserve a big pat on the back for achieving your goals, but you also need to be aware that there is still work ahead. In this post, we're going to talk about your mind and body challenges once your weight loss journey is over.

What To Do For Your Body

Once the weight is gone, you will and should feel great about your accomplishment. Most people don't get there. But, you should also have realistic expectations about what comes next. It’s not going to be all smooth sailing once you reach your weight goal, so let’s take a moment to explore what you are about to face.

  1. Eat less. We all marvel at the weight lost by contestants on The Biggest Loser, yet studies have shown that many of them gained the weight back. Huge hunger craving and slower metabolisms were the issue, so keep the weight off by continuing with portion control.
  2. Get strong. You can help your post-diet metabolism by building muscles that burn more calories than fat. Strength training is the key.
  3. Take care of loose skin. Age and the amount of weight loss will contribute to saggy skin. Try compression garments or surgery to deal with the issue.
  4. Talk to your doctor. If you are on prescription medication, you might want to ask about lowering the dosage. You may not need as much now that you are at a healthy weight. Stomach pain could potentially be gall stone, so ask about that, too.

What You Need to Do for Your Mind

Your brain is going to need some time to adapt to your new body. Try to stay aware of your emotional and mental wellbeing at all times.

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  1. Go for a new look. Get rid of those old clothes and get into garments that fit your new body. Get in the habit of looking at yourself in the mirror to get a true representation of your new body and image.
  2. Learn to process feedback. It’s going to be nice to hear positive comments about your weight loses, but the extra attention may also make you angry that these people never paid you any attention in the past. Their behavior is on them, so manage your own.
  3. Take care of lingering issues. You might find that not all of your emotional issues were attached to being overweight. Don’t expect to be instantly happy once you reach your goal weight, but do take the time to tackle those existing issues.
  4. Make the most of life. Things that you were not able to do in the past will now be available to you. Enjoy your new life every day and make the most of your healthier mind and body.

Let’s Talk Relationships After You Lose Weight

In a perfect world, your partner would be your biggest cheerleader, but that is not how things always play out. Be prepared for changes in attitudes from some people after you lose weight.

  1. Be reassuring. Your partner may be worried about losing you, while friends might be jealous. Let them know that you appreciate them as often as you can.
  2. Find middle ground. While you are looking to be active, other people in your life might be happier chilling with a beer and a pizza. Try not to judge, but do invite them to join you in your fun activities.
  3. Move on. There is the chance that you discover that you have outgrown some relationships. You don’t need toxic people in your life, so move on if they remain that way.

Focus On The Positives

Losing excess weight is great for your health but, as we've pointed out, it's not necessarily going to be smooth sailing once you hit your goals. Always focus on the positives and do what you can to get negative influences out of your life.

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