Natural Appetite Suppressants

Natural Appetite Suppressants

Natural Appetite Suppressants to Add to Your Daily Diet

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There are countless pharmaceutical appetite suppressants on the market, but most seem to come with some undesirable side effects – sometimes serious ones. The good news is that there are dozens of natural appetite suppressants that are not only healthful and tasty, but they'll also kick your between meal cravings to the curb.

Many of us, maybe even most of us, have less than an iron will when it comes to sticking to a healthful eating regime that complements our fitness routine and our weight and fitness goals. Grabbing a snack to "hold me over" until dinner is something almost all of us have been heard to say. But what if there were a few healthy ingredients that you could add to your daily diet that would suppress your craving for between-meal snacks and that would be good for you and that you might even enjoy? Well, there are. And in this post we're going to talk about four natural ingredients that you can safely add to your diet today.

Four Healthful and Tasty Appetite Suppressants

  1. Avocado. It is the high levels of monounsaturated fat that make avocado a natural appetite suppressant. After eating avocados, you're probably going to feel full, which will prevent you from overeating or getting cravings a short while after a meal.
    • Avocado contains good fats that are healthy. There are fats and calories in avocados but they are a much better option than something you might get out of the vending machine at work.
    • Start out your days by adding a slice of avocado to your morning toast. It tastes great in salads and smoothies and can be used when making dips and sauces. Avocados can also be added to pizzas, omelets, pancake batter, quiches, and more. A meat, cheese, tomato, and avocado sandwich is also amazingly tasty.
  2. Cayenne Pepper. This and other strong spices have been researched and proven effective in appetite suppression and weight loss. In one particular study, it was found that adding cayenne pepper to recipes played a role in people eating fewer calories.
    • It is believed that the chemicals found in cayenne pepper help boost the metabolism and suppress appetite, while also potentially burning fat.
    • Cayenne pepper can be used as an ingredient in countless recipes. It can also be used in soups or salads or sprinkled on meals in moderations.
  3. Ginger. Not only is ginger low in calories, it tastes great and prevents you from overeating. No wonder you find it in so many meals and teas. Ginger tea and ginger root can help kick start your weight loss efforts.
    • If you make juices or smoothies, ginger adds a nice splash of flavor. It is also a great addition to curries and other spicy meals.
    • Crystallized ginger slices make a nice little snack.
    • With amino acids, fiber, and other nutrients found in ginger, it helps promote health. Ginger also has anti-inflammatory properties that are great at helping with diabetes and other medical issues.

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  4. Apples. Apples are affordable, tasty, and a great appetite suppressant. Apples are rich in fiber and pectin, both of which make you feel full after eating. That is not the only benefit of apples, though, as they have plenty more.
    • Apples deliver a sweet treat without the calories attached, so they serve as the perfect replacement for sugary candy and desserts.
    • You need to put some time and effort into chewing an apple, which allows your body to send signals to the brain that you are full. They have also proven effective in regulating blood sugar levels.
    • You need to put some time and effort into chewing an apple, which allows your body to send signals to the brain that you are full. They have also proven effective in regulating blood sugar levels.
    • Apples come in a multitude of varieties, making it easy to mix things up so that you do not grow tired of eating the same food.
    • The next time you are craving a sweet treat, go grab an apple.

Do A Little Exploring On Your Own

These, of course, are not the only natural appetite suppressants available to you. There is a whole produce department to explore at your local supermarket just chock full of healthy, delicious choices that will also have the effect of knocking down those between-meal snack cravings. Will you like all of them? Of course not. But if you make just a little effort, you will find more than a handful of things that you enjoy and that will serve you well in your quest for better health and more optimal weight. To start with, just make these four items part of your daily diet and move on from here. Eat a balanced diet and exercise, too, and those pounds will start falling off before you know it.

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