On Becoming a Runner

On Becoming a Runner

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Think You'd Like to Become a Runner?

With the Southern California weather warming up and the rain about fade for a while, you may be asking yourself, "Should you become a runner?" Running is undoubtedly our oldest form of exercise. It’s a highly effective, all body workout that has benefits that extend outside the physical. It’s a great stress reliever, brain booster, energy increaser, and much more. No wonder so many people are still running and enjoying it today. Some scientists even contend that running may well be “the fountain of youth.”

Good Reasons to Become a Runner

Running is one of the best forms of exercise you can do and there are many reasons for it. Running promises longevity, flexibility, endurance, increased energy, concentration and more. Below are just a few more reasons why you might consider becoming a runner.

  • Join a Community With millions of runners around the world, there is no shortage of runner's groups. Use the Internet to scout out your local ones and join up! You’ll meet likeminded people you can not only run with, but socialize with after running hours as well.
  • Save Money The cost of proper running shoes aside, running is completely free. You can save hundreds in gym fees by jogging and practicing HITT training weekly.
  • Eat More Food Runners get to eat more carbs, especially during intense training. You’ll finally have an excuse to chow down on some pasta or dig into some mashed potatoes.
  • Live Longer Studies have shown that runners remain active longer than those who are sedentary. Runners are likely to have fewer disabilities as well. Additionally, running builds stronger bones, helping to keep them healthier in their later years.
  • Burn More Calories Trying to lose weight? Or just trying to keep slim? Running is the perfect form of cardio. You can burn off all that pesky fat in those hard to reach places by running just a few times a week.
  • Keep Your Mind Sharp Research has found that running helps boost memory and improve concentration. It may even help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and reduce the symptoms of dementia.
  • Boost Your Energy If you’re feeling tired or sluggish, save the coffee and opt for a jog or run. You’ll burn off some calories, get a breath of fresh air, and wake yourself up. Even a short run can do wonders do boost your energy.

How to Get Started as a Runner

Anyone can become a runner. But you can’t simply burst out the door and expect to start running and turn into one. It’s much better to carefully prepare to become a runner, to build your way up gradually to it. Here’s how to start.

    Become a runner

  • Get the Right Gear While running doesn’t require a lot of equipment, it is worth investing in a few things before trying to turn into the next Hussain Bolt. First and foremost, a good pair of running shoes. A good pair of running shoes should have at least a thumbnail’s space between the tip of the shoe and your longest toe. Make sure the shoe has enough cushion and heel support. In terms of running clothes, you should wear what is comfortable and not baggy or heavy. Shorts or form fitting exercise pants and a loose fitting t shirt are a good option.
  • Start Slow First, begin by walking. Add small increments of running on your walks. Going slowly will ultimately help you feel stronger, run longer, and stay injury free. Begin by adding one minute of running to every four minutes of walking. Keep increasing your running time until it eventually outweighs your walking plan.
  • Warm Up It’s important to treat yourself like a runner from Day 1. A proper warm up is essential to avoiding injury and to helping your muscles stay flexible and strong. A good warmup will make your whole workout much easier, so don’t skip it!
  • Stay Hydrated It’s vital that you stay hydrated. Invest in a water bottle and re-hydrate regularly. This will help keep you energy and your body active.

Take the Time to Get It Right

As "simple" as running is, like any other new exercise regime, it's not something to plunge headlong into without preparation. As we have stressed in the tips above, get the right equipment (it does not need to be expensive) and start slow. Build up your strength and endurance and gradually work yourself up to longer and more strenuous runs. Before you know it, you'll be thinking about a 5K ... then, a marathon! Be safe.

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