Body Reset Diet

Body Reset Diet

What Is the Body Reset Diet?

body reset diet

The Body Reset Diet was pioneered by celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak in 2013, but it has remained popular over the years thanks to its promised long-term results and short, 21-day commitment. We're going to look at several questions, including ... what is the Body Reset Diet? Does it really produce significant results? And, should you give it a try?

The Body Reset Diet is designed with three separate phases. In the first phase, you will be limited to consuming smoothies and snacks. In the second phase, you will eat smoothies and add in one meal and two snacks every day. Finally, in phase three you will limit your smoothies to once a day, along with two meals and two snacks. Throughout the program, you will learn about making better nutritional decisions, creating structure in your meals to limit poor food choices and how to eat efficiently by making your caloric intake high-fiber and high-impact.

How Does the Body Reset Diet Work?

The Body Reset diet is designed to help you start losing weight quickly as a result of caloric restriction and moderate exercise. Once you have adjusted to your new caloric intake and structured your eating patterns, you can incorporate smoothies into a new healthy eating routine that can be sustainable for you.

What Can You Eat?

In general, the diet emphasizes healthy fats like seeds and avocado, lean protein like milk and high-fiber carbohydrates like fruit and vegetables. In all phases of the Body Reset Diet, there are "S" meals, which include salads, sandwiches, soups, scrambles and stir fries. You are not able to eat fried foods, candy, chips, fatty meats, soda, highly processed grains and restaurant meals.

The Benefits

    body reset diet smoothies

  • The diet contains lots of fruits and vegetables that are filled with nutrients and fiber. The Body Reset diet can help you to get your daily fruit and vegetable allotment as recommended by the US Department of Agriculture.
  • This diet is very easy to follow, as there isn’t much calorie or macro-tracking required. The only thing that you need to monitor is the calorie content of your snacks. Outside of your self-provided snacks, you only need to choose from the smoothies, snacks and meals provided in the book.
  • The Body Reset Diet is low-fat and high-fiber, which can help you to feel fuller faster. Fiber also helps your digestive systems to perform in the best manner possible.

The "Down" Side

Yes, there is always a down side to every dietary program. There is no doubt that some of your favorite foods will be verboten. Some of those will be short-term sacrifices. Others will require you to reevaluate your diet for the long term if you want to maintain the results you achieve. You did not become overweight by consuming a balanced, nutritious diet. You won't sustain a healthy, comfortable weight by returning to your old eating habits.

  • The Body Reset Diet is fairly restrictive in phase one, which might leave you feeling a little hungry. For the first week, you will only be eating three smoothies and two 150-calorie snacks, which might leave you wanting.
  • Smoothies aren’t particularly hard to make, but you will need to visit the kitchen three times a day in the beginning to mix something up. If you mix them up in advance, you will need to keep them refrigerated.
  • While you will lose a great deal of weight in the beginning, the results may not be sustainable for you.

Does the Body Reset Diet Work?

In short, yes! The Body Reset Diet does a great job of helping many followers to lose 10-15 pounds in the first two weeks with little to no lifestyle change. Many people also greatly enjoy the smoothie recipes included in the cookbook and find them easy to incorporate into their lifestyle. But, like every effective diet, the results are only sustainable if you continue with a healthy regime once you've attained your initial goals. We have all spent a few weeks, or even months, restricting ourselves to a limited, healthy calorie intake only to "fall off the wagon" once we reach our target weight. No diet is the magic bullet for sustaining a healthy weight if you abandon healthy eating once you get there.

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