Body Transformation

Body Transformation

Body Transformation Secrets from Bodybuilders

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Some people are quick to make fun of bodybuilders, but anyone who is looking to lose weight and transform their body could learn a lot from these men and women. It may come as a surprise to learn that the diets that bodybuilders have been following for years are now the very same diets that many physicians are suggesting their patients follow. Bodybuilders are constantly keeping up to date with dietary trends and anything that can give them a competitive edge. That includes reading research materials that have to do with weight loss and muscle gain. Body transformation is a delicate balance of nutrition and exercise. Is it any real surprise that bodybuilders are great at transforming their bodies?

Bodybuilder Tips That Can Help

  1. Add more protein to your diet. We don’t really need a lot of protein in our daily diet, but a protein intake increase will improve your body composition. Just don’t overdo it.
    • Another benefit of protein is that it takes a lot of time and energy to digest. It’s tough to convert protein into carbs or into stored fat.
  2. Strength training is a great aerobic workout. Moving from exercise to exercise quickly and minimizing your down time between sets is a great way to get the heart pumping. Keep in mind, though, that you need to perform the exercises correctly, such as squatting instead of leg curls.
  3. Strength training also burns calories. While other types of exercise burn calories, the burning ends as soon as you finish. With strength training, the body continues to burn fat after the fact.
    • Lifting weights causes muscle damage that takes time to repair. Your metabolism improves all through that time.
  4. Carbohydrates are not your friend. For bodybuilders, protein and fat intake stays quite consistent. That is not the case when it comes to carbohydrates.
    • When bodybuilders want to add weight, they increase their carb intake, while doing the opposite when they want to drop weight.
  5. Bodybuilders do cardio, too. Rather than just pumping iron, bodybuilders also perform cardio workouts. Cardio helps keep them lean and healthy, while also helping with recovery from muscle building workouts. Cardio is an essential part of any exercise program.
    • That said, they do not do a ton of cardio. Most of their weight loss comes from their diet.

    Body Transformation Takes Patience

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  6. Bodybuilders are constantly tracking their exercise and food intake. Ask the average person how many calories they eat in a day and they would struggle to answer accurately. The reality is that most people are unaware of their calorie intake, which makes it tougher for them to make the changes that would help trigger weight loss.
    • Doing the same thing every single day is not going to deliver much in the way of body transformation. Bodybuilders constantly track their workouts so that they can make changes as needed.
    • When a bodybuilder plateaus, they change up everything.
  7. Bodybuilders routinely track progress. The most successful bodybuilders are the one who regularly take body measurements and progress pictures. They are constantly changing their diet and routines to maximize results. Is this something you do?
  8. Bodybuilders understand the need for patience. During a diet, a bodybuilder may only be looking to lose half a pound per week. Similarly, they may only gain a pound or two per month when trying to gain weight. They are consistent in working out and hitting their daily goals.

Take What You Need and Leave the Rest

While the average person doesn’t need to be as strict as a bodybuilder, there are a few simple changes that can be made to help speed up your body transformation. Follow some or all of the tips outlined above and you will almost certainly see positive results.

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