Bored With Walking

Bored With Walking

How to Beat Boredom While You're Walking

bored with walking

Walking is a great way to get some of your exercise, but it can also become a little boring. Maybe your treadmill isn’t doing it for you anymore, or perhaps you're just tired of walking the same path at your local park. It's easy to become bored with walking but there are ways to make it a lot more interesting. Adding some challenges, distractions and variation to your daily routine can make a huge difference in your attitude toward wallking.

You might not feel quite so blasé when you consider a few facts about walking. According to research from Harvard Medical School, walking 21 minutes each day can reduce your risk of heat disease by roughly 30%. Walking at a moderate pace for 30 minutes burns about 200 calories, while also helping your mood and circulation. Best of all, walking requires no financial investment. It's healthy AND it's free. If boredom is keeping you from walking and getting healthy, we have some tips that may help make your daily walk a little more fun.

Add Challenges to Your Walk

  1. Put goals in place. Having a purpose helps keep you motivated from the start. Are you looking to lose weight or perhaps live a healthier lifestyle? Perhaps medical studies like the one mentioned above are what serves as your inspiration.
  2. Cross training. If you're bored with walking, adding other exercises while you walk delivers a ton of benefits. Why not walk to the gym, where you can then do stretching and weight training exercises?
  3. Interval training. Break your walk up by adding intervals where you alternate between a moderate pace and a brisk walk. It may be harder to get bored.
  4. Work on your arms. Instead of just working on cardio and your legs, consider working on your upper body while you walk. Weights are not the best option when walking, but an exercise band is perfect for shoulder presses and arm circles.
  5. Head for the hills. Part of being bored with walking is that it sometimes feels too easy. Try walking in a hilly area to make things that much more challenging.

If You're Bored With Walking – Add Distractions

bored with walking dog

  1. Walk with a buddy. Exercise is much more fun when you do it with a friend or family member. See if you can find someone willing to come along on your daily walks.
  2. Become part of a group. One buddy is fun, but a whole group of people interested in walking is better still. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find a local walking group to join. Search online or ask someone at your local gym.
  3. Bring your own entertainment. Whether you like music or listening to a great audio book, you can get a real distraction by putting on your headphones. You might also find that you walk faster and cover more distance.
  4. Change your route. A change is as good as a rest, so be sure to try different walking paths for a change of scenery. Maybe even walk around town so you can window shop as you walk.
  5. Take your dog. If you can’t find a buddy to walk with, chances are your dog won’t complain about being your walking companion.

Conquer Boredom – Mix It Up

  1. Meditate. If you're one who meditates and you're not concerned about speed, meditating while you walk is a fantastic way to enjoy your exercise. Maybe walk around the house or out in the yard as you focus on your breathing and chant your favorite mantra.
  2. Mix up your schedule. If getting out of bed to walk in the morning feels like a chore, perhaps think about adding in a few evening walks after your dinner. Walking has been shown to aid digestion after a meal.
  3. Be charitable. There are all manner of sponsored walks out there that allow you to walk to raise money and/or awareness for a cause. There is perhaps nothing more satisfying than helping others as you help yourself.

You Don't Have to Be Bored With Walking

Walking does not have to be a tedious exercise. As we've outlined above, there are dozens of ways you can make your walk more fun, less boring, and even sociable and entertaining. So think about following some of our tips and even find more of your own to make your daily walks more fun and challenging. Happy walking!

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