Boxing for Fitness

Boxing for Fitness

Is Boxing for Fitness Good For Your Overall Health?

boxing for fitness

Boxing is one of the best high-impact workouts there is and it offers fitness enthusiasts a myriad of benefits. Beyond packing the two-for-one punch of boosting your cardio and strength training, boxing for fitness is a lot of fun. How does boxing make you more fit, and why do so many people make it part of their weekly gym routine? We're glad you asked.

Get A Full Body Workout

Boxing helps to improve your overall fitness, as it doesn’t just improve your cardio ability and strength; it also helps with skill-related parts of fitness. People who regularly box can improve their coordination, balance, reactivity and agility. While boxing for fitness might seem like a workout that primarily targets the upper body, that isn’t the case. Once you're using proper form, or adding a little kick boxing, you will have no trouble getting your entire body engaged.

Boxing Offers A Major Calorie Burn

One of the biggest benefits that boxing offers is a very high level of cardio. By boxing regularly, you can improve your endurance and resting heart rate when you aren’t boxing. A lower resting heart rate and a higher ability to perform can give you a serious boost in other types of workouts. Boxing also boasts a huge calorie burn potential, as you can burn up to 13 calories per minute. That means that it is just as effective at burning calories and fat as cycling or running. Even punching a bag for half an hour can burn 200 calories.

Looking For Stress Relief?

Fitness isn’t just about physical but also mental fitness. Boxing can help a great deal with stress relief and many practitioners believe that it offers more stress relief than almost any other workout. High-intensity workouts, according to a study in Neuropsychopharmacology, release significantly more endorphins than moderate exercise. If you want a boost of cheer and to feel like you’ve gotten work some weight off of your shoulders, boxing is a fantastic choice.

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Improve Your Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is one of the most critical skills when you are boxing. Sparring, punching a bag or boxing with a partner in the ring all require a great deal of challenge and cooperation between your muscles and your mind. If you struggle to stay coordinated or wish your balance could improve without standing on a yoga mat, give boxing a try.

Boxing For Fitness Makes Time Fly

Are you someone who struggles to get in a full hour at the gym when you work out? Boxing might be a great solution for you. Because boxing requires so much concentration and mental engagement, the time can fly right by. Unlike more passive forms of exercise, like jogging on an elliptical or running on a treadmill, boxing also features plenty of new techniques and areas for growth. If you decide you’ve mastered one skill, you can move on to another instead of forcing yourself to practice the same things over and over. Many people who pick up boxing continue enjoying it for years to come.

Deciding If Boxing for Fitness Is Right For You

You may be thinking that you you're not someone who relishes being punched in face for fitness' sake. Well, first you should know that, even if you're sparring with a partner, boxing for fitness is not about winning a fight. The rules and equipment will protect your movie star looks. But, you don't need a partner to get a terrific boxing workout. Working on a punching bag or a solo kick boxing workout can offer the same excellent results. If you want to learn more, discuss boxing with a trainer or someone you know who has already worked it into their routine.

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