Cardio Workouts Without Running

Cardio Workouts Without Running

7 Cardio Workouts That Are Not "Just Running"

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Cardio exercise is an essential part of physical fitness for everyone, even if you’d rather be pumping iron or doing deadlifts! While many people think of going for a run when they imagine cardio, there are countless creative ways to get your blood pumping and an awesome workout without strapping on your running shoes. High-impact cardio workouts can help you burn calories and fat, along with keeping you in great shape. Here are some of our favorite cardio workouts that involve more than just running!

Cardio Workouts That Aren’t Running

  • Bodyweight Walking Lunges – Walking lunges are a great workout for leg day and a wonderful way to burn fat. Use a parking lot, track or any large space and start walking in lunges. Try to walk for at least 5 minutes or 10 minutes without taking a break. You’ll feel nice and sore at the end of your workout and get a great cardio workout. And guess what? No running.
  • Mountain Biking – Biking, whether stationary or on a mountain, can turn into a full-body workout if you’re using weights and trying your hardest. Mountain biking is a fun way to spend time alone or with friends while enjoying the great outdoors. Because the terrain is constantly changing and inclines are involved, you will be challenged to build muscle and burn calories.
  • Swimming – If you want to work on your breathing and give your arms and back some exercise, swimming is a perfect option. If you have a local pool, you can practice interval work by swimming for 200 meters and resting a minute before doing the same again for ten reps. Or, you can practice swimming a set distance and timing yourself to ensure you’re improving over time.
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  • Rock Climbing – Anyone who has attempted indoor rock climbing can testify to what a wonderful workout it is! Because rock climbing requires strength, critical thinking and agility, you will push your body and heart to the limit. Numerous gyms have rock climbing walls, so explore what is in your area.
  • Boxing or Kick Boxing – You don’t need to be fighting against an opponent to have an awesome workout boxing! Whether you work one-on-one with a coach or hit a heavy bag to get out some aggression, boxing is one of the most powerful cardio workouts you can have.
  • Hit the Stairs – Can’t make it to the gym to work out on the Stairmaster? Find a flight of steps near you! You can run or simply walk up the stairs to work on your leg muscles and get your blood racing. For a high-impact exercise, run up two steps at a time and practice keeping your knees high. This will improve endurance and give you great night's sleep from exhaustion!
  • Indoor Rowing – When it comes to burning calories, rowing is surprisingly effective. It also exercises your whole body since you need to use your legs, arms and back for the best strokes. A rowing machine gives you a change of pace for your cardio from the comfort of your home gym.

A Cardio Workout Doesn't Have to Mean Going for a Run

These are just a few good ideas for getting your cardio workout without having to hit the treadmill or the running trail. You may have hinky knees, or maybe you just aren't up for a run. So find another way to get your cardio into your workout day. Use your imagination. Anything that will get your heart rate up for an extended period counts as a cardio workout. Find something that fits your surroundings and your schedule and get to work!

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