Clean Eating – Part 1

Clean Eating – Part 1

What Is "Clean Eating" and Why Should I Care?

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Diet trends come and go, but clean eating is one that is growing and is here to stay. By eating clean, you can create a healthier mind and body by avoiding all those strange chemicals and additives that are packed into the packaged foods we eat every day. Take a look at those additives and think about how they might negatively impact your health.

Simply put, clean eating is when you eliminate all processed foods from your diet. Those foods have all manner of potentially harmful additives, not to mention being high in both salt and sugar. The end result of eating processed foods ranges all the way from allergies to weight gain to overall poor health.

By eating clean, you know where your food is coming from and you're aware that you are putting only healthy foods into your body. Clean eating can be a truly transformative experience.

Getting to Know the Basics of Clean Eating

A diet of healthy, unprocessed foods is at the heart of this regime. Eating whole foods, instead of counting calories, becomes your main focus. Once you commit to eating clean, you will see a wholesale change in your diet. Smaller, more frequent meals will help you avoid spikes in your blood sugar. Plus, you will also rediscover your love for healthy, delicious food. Here are some tips you should consider.

  1. Be in it for the long haul. – You need to be aware that this is a complete lifestyle change and not a passing fad. Your entire life will change.
    • The only way to make it work is to commit to a full lifestyle change. This is not the type of diet that you do for a week or a month before going back to your old diet. Clean eating is permanent.
    • Forgetting about counting calories or worrying about portion sizes actually makes it easier to adjust to your new lifestyle.
  2. Go with a gradual approach to your diet change. – Cutting out all processed foods overnight is not easy to do, which is why a gradual approach is recommended. Making changes likes swapping baked kale chips for greasy potato chips is the way to go.
    • The slow and steady approach makes the switch to clean eating more pleasant. Some family members are going to need more time than others to adjust to giving up their favorite junk foods and processed meals.
    • Junk food is probably the easiest to give up, but there are probably all kinds of processed foods already in your home. Lunch meats and canned soup aren’t part of clean eating and need to be ditched.

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  3. Pay attention to the food you eat. – Eating clean will help you do that, while also helping you make healthier choices at every meal.
    • Life today moves fast and paying attention to what you eat gets lost in the shuffle. Grabbing something from the vending machine is not the way to stave off hunger pangs. With clean eating, you will forego cravings and begin to pay attention to every single bite.
    • Don’t rely on food safety organizations when deciding what to eat. Not every chemical and additive in your food has been thoroughly examined by the FDA to determine their health impact. Do your own research as needed.

Know Your Purpose. Enjoy The Journey.

Remember, clean eating does not fall under the fad diet category. This is a long-term lifestyle change designed to deliver better physical and mental health. If you see it that way from the beginning, as opposed to looking forward to some elusive short-term target, you will have greater success and enjoy the journey to its fullest. We'll continue with this series and offer more tips on how to pursue your clean eating lifestyle.

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