Exercise and Longevity

Exercise and Longevity

Can Exercise Add Years to Your Life?

exercise and longevity

Regardless of your current fitness level or workout regimen, adding some exercise to your weekly routine can prolong your life and improve your health. As with any health-motivated plan, your level of commitment can dictate the results. However, even something as simple as parking in a far spot at the grocery store to get more steps in can boost your longevity.

Overweight People Can Benefit

Do you need to be fit and in perfect shape to extend your life with exercise? Nope! A study featured in the Harvard Health Letter in 2012 found that obese and overweight people who engage in physical activity outside of the workplace can extend their lives up to four years compared to people who don’t exercise at a similar weight. Being physically active is great for your health, regardless of your current size.

Anyone Can Extend Their Lifespan

Another study of over 316,000 adults in Sweden between the ages of 18 and 74 found that increased activity massively benefited men and women, in all age groups and at all fitness levels. The test paid special attention to cardiorespiratory fitness over a 20 year period. Across the board, the risk of death from cardiovascular events and all-cause death fell a whopping 2.8% to 3.2% for every millimeter increase in the amount of oxygen the heart and lungs could give the muscles during exercise.

Easy Ways to Incorporate More Exercise Into Your Daily Life

    exercise and longevity

  • Take the stairs when you go to work or head home. If you have an opportunity to take the stairs elsewhere, like on your morning commute, take it!
  • Use at-home fitness equipment like treadmills and ellipticals for an easy way to workout without needing to leave the house. Installing a television in front of your exercise equipment is an awesome way to enjoy your favorite show while boosting your lifespan.
  • Use a sit-stand desk at your job to avoid spending the entire day sitting down.
  • Play with your pets! Taking an extra few laps around the block with your dog can add up for your overall health.
  • Walk or bicycle to more places when running errands or keeping appointments near home or work; like the drug store, the drycleaner, or the dentist.

How Much Exercise is Enough to Help?

Obviously, how much exercise will be effective will vary with each individual, his or her age, physical condition and overall health. But, it's safe to say that ANY amount of exercise is better than none. Look for opportunities in your daily routine to add a few steps here and there. You'll find that wherever you can increase the amount of physical activity you're getting, it will make a difference in how you feel and improve the quality of your life. And ... just maybe give you a little more of it.

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