Fasting for Weight Loss

Fasting for Weight Loss

The Truth About Fasting For Weight Loss

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You may not be aware that fasting for weight loss is something that has been around for thousands of years, with people employing fasting for health and spiritual reasons, as well as for maintaining a healthy weight. Fasting is now in the mainstream thanks to celebrities talking about using it to prepare for pending roles.

While fasting certainly seems to be effective, it is still considered controversial by some medical experts. If you're thinking about trying fasting for weight loss, here are some tips to follow so that you can be sure to do so safely.

Making The Decision to Fast

  1. Weight loss. Adopting any diet that is low in calories will result in quick weight loss, but the downside is that you will almost certainly gain the weight back. The reason for this is that losing water and muscle mass results in a slower metabolism. Eating the same amount of food that you did before fasting will see the weight begin to return quickly.
  2. Detox. There are many who claim that fasting helps purge your system of environmental pollutants. Doctors believe that your liver and other major organs do that naturally.
  3. Empowerment. When you are overweight, it’s easy to feel as though food is in charge of your life. A brief fasting period can make you feel in control again.
  4. Religion. There are several religions that include fasting as one of their rituals. The belief is that it heightens awareness and brings them closer to God.
  5. Surgery preparation. If your doctor tells you to fast for a certain amount of time before surgery, pay attention to that advice. Certain medical treatments require the establishment of an accurate baseline, so skip meals when it has been ordered by a doctor.
  6. Longer life. There is research out there that suggests the consumption of fewer calories may mean a longer life.

Techniques for Fasting Safely

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  1. Stay hydrated. One of the biggest issues with any extreme diet is dehydration. Dizziness and confusion are signs that you need to consume water. Talk to your doctor if those symptoms persist.
  2. Choose wisely. There are any different fasts to choose from. While some will see you drinking nothing but water for 48 hours, others are about eating at certain times of the day. Choose the one that is the safest and most sustainable.
  3. Alternate days. Since this fast was written about in a book by a famous TV doctor, it has become very popular. One way to experiment is to do 5 days on and 2 days off.
  4. Learn about nutrition. If it’s weight loss you are after, be aware that fasting is an intense temporary measure. You need to learn about the benefits of eating well to stay in shape, which can be done by picking up a book on nutrition and incorporating more veggies into your diet.
  5. Monitor for side effects. Dehydration is just one issue you might encounter while fasting. Insomnia, mood swings, and bad breath may also arise. Reducing your amount of physical activity and challenging mental tasks may help.
  6. Be aware of the risks. Some people, such as pregnant women and diabetes sufferers, should avoid fasting at all costs.

Alternatives to Fasting For Weight Loss

If you really want to take off some weight and keep it off, there are many diets that are more effective than fasting for weight loss. That said, there may be other reasons why you may choose to begin temporary fasting, in which case you might see some serious benefits. To avoid damaging your health, it’s always smart to talk to your doctor and perhaps seek the advice of a registered dietician/nutritionist before instigating any extreme alteration to your diet program.

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