Fitness Equipment – A Shopper’s Guide

Fitness Equipment – A Shopper’s Guide

Fitness Equipment – A Shopper's Guide by Tim Adams

How to Research, Evaluate and Purchase the Perfect Exercise Equipment for Your Home Gym

Fitness Equipment – A Shopper's Guide

How to Get Your Free Copy of Tim Adams' Best Selling Shopper's Guide

It's been several months since Tim Adams published his excellent book, Fitness Equipment – A Shopper's Guide, so we wanted to take the opportunity to bring it to the attention of those who may not have been readers of this blog at the time of publication. Also, we'd like to offer everyone an opportunity to get a free copy. The book is available in our store as well as all the usual online booksellers, but we are reprising our Special Promotion for a limited time and it applies only to purchases made from

For a limited time, anyone who purchases a copy of the book from Amazon will receive a store credit at RX Fitness Equipment in Thousand Oaks for the full price you paid for the book, including the cost of shipping. Just bring us your receipt and your copy of the book, and the cost will be deducted from any purchase you make in our store. See "The Fine Print" below for details.

From the Author of Fitness Equipment – A Shopper's Guide

Tim Adams - Author

"My name is Tim Adams and I own RX Fitness Equipment in Thousand Oaks, California. Thanks for your interest my book. I’ve been matching people with the right equipment for their fitness goals and budgets for 30 years, and whether I’m outfitting an entire commercial facility or selling a single treadmill or spin bike, my objective is always the same; to be sure that my customers get what THEY need – not what I would like to sell. This short book is the next logical step toward that objective. I hope it will allow me to reach people that I may never meet face to face, as well as some who might one day come into my store. The better informed my customers are, the better I can serve them. My business is built on life-long relationships, not on selling a piece of equipment that, in three months, might well become a clothes rack.

I hope you'll take advantage of this promotional offer, not only because I believe you'll find a lot of helpful information in the book, but because I also hope it will bring you into my store so I can thank you personally and shake your hand. Then, I'll help you figure out what you'd like to buy with your RX Fitness store credit. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon."

Amazon Reviews of Fitness Equipment – A Shopper's Guide

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"Was given this book from an executive from a well known cardio equipment manufacturer and can't believe it took this long for someone to produce a much needed shopper's guide for fitness equipment. Great detail for all types of shoppers, personal trainers, rehab, even more seasoned veterans of the fitness industry could use this as a tool. Awesome concept and great job putting this together - Thanks Tim!"
~ TeamVaetas

"Tim is the absolute expert when it comes to fitness equipment. His knowledge is especially useful when looking for the right brands for your needs and helping you to compare pieces that seem similar to the untrained eye. I would never go anywhere else for any of my fitness equipment needs!"
~ T. M. Rosen

"This book is great for someone wanting to have a home gym but not sure of what they want in it. Tim covers all the aspects of what, how and why."
~ Leslie Granowitz

"I have never met anyone who knows more about fitness equipment. Tim's decades of experience give him a uniquely advantageous perspective on the evolution of fitness. He can identify and illustrate the differences between the needs and wants of the consumer. Tim is invested in the well being of the community and will happily pass up an easy sale or short term gain if it presents the opportunity to illuminate the client. He would rather earn a client for life than profit off of a sale today. I send all of my family, friends and clients to Tim."
~ Kennedy Paradox

Fitness Equipment – A Shopper's Guide available at Amazon

The Fine Print

Here are the conditions for claiming your FREE copy –

  • Only books purchased from will be eligible for a store credit.
  • Store credit for one book per person will be awarded regardless of the number of books purchased.
  • You may claim a store credit for the paperback OR the Kindle edition, but not both.
  • Your copy of the book and proof of purchase from Amazon is required to claim your store credit.
  • Only shipping costs for the book will be credited to your purchase. No additional shipping will be included.
  • NO CASH VALUE - Credit may be used only toward purchase of merchandise available in our store.
  • Your store credit and purchases made with the credit must be claimed in person, in our store.
  • This is a limited time offer. We reserve the right to end this offer at any time.

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