Fitness Motivation

Fitness Motivation

Ten of the Best Fitness Motivation Movies

Fitness motivation movies

With most of us in self-isolation for the duration of the COVID-19 restrictions, this week seemed a good time to write about something fun, as well as something useful for homebound fitness fans. This post won't lecture you on the need to workout or eat properly, or even stick to your fitness routine. No, today is just about enjoying yourself and maybe getting a little fitness motivation while doing it. We encourage everyone to stay at home unless you're deemed "essential" and, in any case, to STAY SAFE.

It’s no secret that keeping to a diet and workout plan isn’t easy. Even if you’ve done it for a long time, there is still the occasional fatigue and the recurring temptation to stray off the disciplined path you've set for yourself. That’s normal. What you need in those times is a little bit of inspiration! If you’re not feeling the burn to go to the gym, and you're in need of a little fitness motivation, curl up with one of these motivational films. You might just find the spark you need to get going again. Sometimes you may need to get on the couch to get off the couch!

Ten Movie Favorites for a Little Fitness Motivation

  • Rocky • 1976 – You can’t go wrong with the classics. No explanation necessary for this one.
  • The Karate Kid • 1984 – Another classic that’s great for all ages. Watch as a bullied young boy, with the help of a Yoda-like mentor, transforms himself into a martial arts champion.
  • The Mighty Ducks • 1992 – This cult film follows a coach who is forced to whip a loser hockey team into shape. This fun film will inspire you to put out your best and shows that anyone can become a legend!
  • Batman Begins • 2005Slightly newer, this hit movie tells the origin story of Batman. You’ll be inspired as Bruce Wayne works out on his way from playboy to Batman.
  • G.I. Jane • 1997 – A great one for both men and woman. You’ll be humbled by this fierce woman’s determination to become a Navy SEAL.
  • Pumping Iron • 1977 – If anything will get your blood pumping, it’s this one. Pumping Iron is the documentary that brought Arnold Schwarzenegger to fame. In this film, professional bodybuilders get ready for an important competition.
  • Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story • 1993 – Be inspired by the king of martial arts, Bruce Lee. His rise and his philosophy on life and fitness will motivate you to strive harder.
  • Fight Club • 1999 – This psychological thriller will keep you on your toes and keep you inspired. Brad Pitt’s character, a commanding, cocky force with killer abs will push you to your limits, push you to be greater. Remember, anyone can be in fight club so long as they follow the rules.
  • 300 • 2006 – This blockbuster hit film may rely heavily on CGI, but that doesn’t detract from the exceptional shape of the actors. Each trained for months to attain the physique necessary to play a Spartan warrior. In fact, the cast was forced to complete in a 300-rep fitness test before being allowed to be in the film. If that doesn’t inspire you, we don’t know what will!
  • First Blood • 1982 – The first Rambo movie may be more muscle than plot, but you can’t help but get into the hit series that continued to make Stallone a household name. You have to admit that this is one of the toughest, coolest guys you’ve ever seen.

Take Your Motivation Where You Can Get It

It may be harder than ever to think about your normal fitness routine. These are not normal times. Find your motivation wherever you can. These ten examples of motivational films may not be your cup of tea. If not, find a couple that are and let them inspire you to take your fitness regime up a notch. If you try, you can find motivation and inspiration just about anywhere you look ... in a film about struggle or even on a school playground.

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