Six Pack Abs

Six Pack Abs

The Fastest Way to Get Your Six Pack Abs

The fastest way to six pack abs

The storied six pack has been the benchmark of fitness success for decades. Six pack abs are considered a standard of fitness and beauty for men, but they're also very impressive on women. In fact, almost everyone looks better with a six pack. If six pack abs are something you’ve always dreamed of but thought were just impossible to achieve, you need to keep reading.

Don’t Fall for Gimmicks

First, a warning. In pursuit of the elusive six pack, it can be tempting to look for a shortcut, and there is no shortage of those willing to offer you one for a price. Flashy advertisements that promise quick, easy, amazing results display impressive photos, “real” reviews, testimonials from celerities, and much more to entice you to part with your money. It’s easy to fall for these products, but know this – almost all of them are simply gimmicks designed for the sole purpose of cashing in on your dreams. Don't forget ... "if it seems too good to be true, it almost certainly is."

Rules for Six Pack Abs

Getting a six pack is actually simple. It requires patience and consistent effort over time. With self-discipline and dedication to your plan, you will achieve the results you want. Here are some rules you should adhere to if you want those washboard abs to show up faster.

  • Clean Up Your Diet – In order to get six pack abs, it’s crucial to both build muscle and shed fat. This begins in the kitchen. Clean out unhealthy, fatty foods from your diet, especially processed and junk food items. Make sure your diet is rich in vegetables, fruit, complex carbs, and healthy fats. When it comes to macronutrients to focus on, protein is key, as it will help you build the lean muscle you’re looking for as well as provide you with more energy. This is why many professional athletes and bodybuilders have a diet high in protein.
  • Eat After Your Workout – Yes, you largely eat your way to a six pack. It’s a good idea to eat a post-workout snack or meal to refuel. This snack should be high in carbs. Many people falsely believe carbohydrates are bad, and while they are in excess, they are essential for controlling your insulin levels, keeping use energy, and preventing hunger. Plus, eating carbohydrates helps keep your metabolism in cooking.
  • Rules to get your six pack

  • Incorporate a Cheat Day – This is usually everyone’s favorite part. One of the key aspects of getting a six pack is keeping your metabolism in tip top shape, as a fast metabolism helps you cut and eventually see the outline of your abs. Implementing an “overeating phase,” or upping your calorie intake one day a week will help prevent your metabolism from crashing. Those who are more experienced can later lengthen the time between cheat days to 2-3 weeks.
  • Stay Hydrated – Studies show that those who drink lots of water throughout the day lose more weight and are able to keep it off long term. Plus, drinking water will keep your metabolism active, a key for six pack abs.
  • Lose Fat with Cardio – The best way to blast off fat is with cardio. The occasional cardio in tandem with weight training will get you to a six pack fast. Consider high intensity interval training (HIIT) for even better results.
  • Lift Weights – Strength training is a great way to build up muscles in your upper body and in your core muscles, so hit the weights section of your gym! You’ll find weight lifting exercises for both the bulking and cutting phases of your muscle training plan.
  • Core Training – Don’t forget to exercise your core muscles directly! Once the fat currently atop your abs is gone, you’ll need something to show for it! Planks, crunches, bicycles, push ups, and similar exercises will strengthen your core muscles and help your posture to boot.

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