Hunger Cravings

Hunger Cravings

How to Handle Hunger Cravings After a Workout

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Do you ever finish with a tough workout and immediately feel hungry? That’s actually quite normal, but falling prey to those hunger cravings can all but cancel the hard work you just put in. Hunger is something that needs to be addressed before, during, and after a workout. Eating the right foods at the right times, especially snacks, can help you avoid inadvertently undoing your workout.

One Step At A Time

Even the most seasoned athletes, bodybuilders and gym rats have to contend with the food cravings that hit right after a strenuous workout. The most successful ones have learned that those cravings are natural and rather than trying to ignore them, they learn how to manage them with healthy eating habits. We've put together a few simple strategies to help you manage your after-workout hunger cravings.

  1. Eat more protein. Protein serves a couple of different purposes after a workout. It helps satisfy cravings while also aiding in the rebuilding of muscles.
    • Get your protein from foods like eggs, cheese, nuts, seeds, and peanut butter. Protein shakes are also fine as long as they are not packed with sugar.
  2. Incorporate more healthy fats. While this may seem like a terrible idea, healthy fats combat hunger and help you avoid weight gain. Healthy fats only!!
    • Great sources of healthy fats include nuts, eggs, fish, avocado, and dairy. Chia seeds or almonds added to a drink is an excellent source of healthy fats.
  3. Eat within 60 minutes. Experts will tell you that eating within 30 minutes of a workout is ideal, but that can be stretched out to an hour. The longer you wait to eat after exercising, the hungrier you are going to feel, which can lead to poor choices.
    • If it’s impossible for you to eat a full meal within that timeframe, be sure to pack healthy snacks when you head to the gym.
  4. Refuel during exercise. Your body uses up a lot of energy during intense workouts, so refueling as you go is always a good idea. Schedule a break in the middle of your workout so that you can eat or drink. Doing this may also prevent muscle damage and injuries.
    • method is especially useful for workouts of an hour or more.

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  5. Drink water. Staying hydrated is crucial, so drink water before, during, and after exercise. Water is a better option than shakes, smoothies, and juice.
    • Staying hydrated helps keep hunger cravings at bay. Sometimes, when you feel hungry, it’s actually your body calling out for hydration. Experts recommend that you drink 8 ounces of water before you eat a meal.
  6. Get plenty of sleep. On days when you exercise, make a point of going to bed earlier, as experts agree that this helps fight hunger.
    • The later you stay awake, the more likely it is that cravings will take a hold. Get to bed before the thought of snacks enter your head.
    • Research has shown that not getting enough sleep awakens the hormones that signal hunger in your body. The last thing you want to do after a hard workout is not get enough sleep and undo your hard work.

Manage Your Hunger Cravings - Don't Ignore Them

It can be frustrating to put in your best effort on your workout only to be left feeling those big hunger cravings when you're done. You can't ignore those cravings but by following the tips outlined above, you should be able to work out, eat well, and reap the benefits that come with both. Good health!

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