Don’t Be Intimidated at the Gym

Don’t Be Intimidated at the Gym

Why You Should Never Feel Intimidated at the Gym

intimidated at the gym

Are you one of those who always feels intimidated at the gym? Do you sometimes skip the gym because you don't feel comfortable working out in front of others? Besides finding the motivation to consistently hit the gym, many people face the trepidation of working out alongside more experienced gym users. If you’ve ever felt nervous or intimidated at the gym, we're talking to you. Do not let concern over what other people think get in the way of achieving the body you want.

No One Is Paying Attention to You

This is sad but true. Trust me. No one is looking at you. Being intimidated at the gym is a waste of your time and energy. Most people at the gym couldn’t care less about you — they’re focused on themselves and their goals. They are in the gym to further their own agenda and achieve whatever fitness targets they have set for themselves. The guy lifting dumbbells and looking in the mirror isn’t judging you for your lack of heavy weights — he’s admiring his own biceps! In all seriousness, the more you go to the gym, the more you'll realize that fewer people are paying attention to you and fewer still are judging you. Just do your thing and don’t worry about what other people are thinking. Everyone is there for his or her own reasons and almost everyone is in a different place in their journey.

Build Your Own Community

Though the gym isn’t about socializing, it won’t do you any harm to make friends. If you at least make acquaintances with the regulars, you’ll begin to build a community around yourself. You’ll start to feel comfortable rather than intimidated at the gym, and you might begin to feel like you’re hanging around your neighborhood bar or coffee shop with locals you’ve known for years.

Are you intimidated at the gym?

Being Intimidated at the Gym Is A Waste of Energy

It’s going to take persistence to break the cycle. Feeling intimidated at the gym will make you less likely to go. The more intimidated you are, the less inclined you’ll feel to show up and get through your workout. Consequently, the more intimidated you’ll be when you actually do go. It can become a vicious circle that can keep you out of the gym permanently if you let it. If you’re just starting to work out and still feel intimidated at the gym, acknowledge it. Embrace your fear and just accept it. Then, go back to the gym anyway! The most important thing is to get in there and get moving. You'll learn that, just like you, everyone is more interested in their own progress than in how others perform.

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