Kettlebell Single Arm Front Squat

Kettlebell Single Arm Front Squat

Step by Step Instructions

It's kettlebell time again! In this installment of our kettlebell workout series, we'll be explaining the proper execution of the single-arm front squat. This exercise routine is for intermediate kettlebell users. Like all weightlifting routines, this kettlebell exercise should be executed with caution and proper form. The muscle groups most affected by this routine will be the abdominals, quadriceps, gluteus maximus and hamstrings. Always warmup before you begin this or any weightlifting workout. To see our other posts on kettlebell exercises, click "kettlebells" in the dropdown Categories menu to your right.

Kettlebell single arm front squat muscle groups

The Kettlebell Single Arm Front Squat

  1. Use your left hand to pick up the kettlebell.
  2. As you move the kettlebell into the rack position, ensure that your elbow is by your side, your palm is facing in, and all of the weight is located in front of your left shoulder.
  3. Push your hips back and drop into a squat position, making sure that your thighs remain parallel with the floor. Push through your heels as you move back up into a standing position.
  4. Perform 8-10 repetitions on each side.

Kettlebell single arm front squat exercises

This is an intermediate kettlebell routine but we always recommend that, if you're not yet to that level, it's advisable to work with a fitness professional to assure proper form and execution of your kettlebell workout until you have progressed to the intermediate stage. This will help avoid injury and prevent the development of poor weightlifting habits. This is critically important for beginners to kettlebell exercise. If you need a referral for a trainer or personal coach, RX Fitness Equipment can help. Let us know what you need.

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