Multi-Gym Workout vs Standard Equipment

Multi-Gym Workout vs Standard Equipment

Is the Multi-Gym Workout Better?

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Designing a home gym can be complex, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Multi-gyms, or all-in-one gyms, are a great way to cut costs and get a well-rounded workout. If you're unsure how to build a home gym with everything that you need, we've put together a little information on what you need to know about multi-gyms and how they can meet your needs. Whether or not a multi-gym workout offers advantages over the same exercise routine performed with individual pieces of equipment may well be in the eye of the beholder, but we'll try to help you come to some conclusions of your own.

Multi-Gym 101 – The Basics

There are many terms that fitness enthusiasts use interchangeably to describe multi-gyms, including all-in-one gyms and home gyms. A multi-gym is a piece of fitness equipment that allows you to do numerous exercises and various types of exercises, all without the need for additional pieces of equipment. Home gym machines are typically compact, with a smaller footprint than similar machines found at your local gym, or multiple pieces of equipment dedicated to a single type of exercise. They are typically appropriate for any type of gym goer, from a seasoned professional to a novice trying out the gym for the first time.

Some Benefits of a Multi-Gym Workout

  • Convenience – A multi-gym combines a number of separate weight machines in a smaller space so that you don’t need to have weights and machines spread out over a large area. Because everything is in one place, you can move from exercise to exercise more easily. This makes it easier to do HIIT or circuit training. You also won’t need to worry about choosing the best version of multiple pieces of equipment. Instead, you can focus on finding the highest-quality all in one gym and being done.
  • Price – In general, it is significantly less expensive to purchase a multi-gym instead of six or more separate pieces of equipment like a squat rack, loose weights and other strength training machines.
  • Space Saving – High-quality home gyms have multiple exercise stations designed to stay compact and sleek to save you space. These machines are designed with how much space they take up in mind, unlike other machines, so you can make the most of a small space and have room to do floor exercises, yoga or other space-intensive workouts.
  • Ease of Use – Multi-gyms are also typically very easy to use, as the only thing you need to worry about is the amount of weight that you want to use. Instead of worrying about getting things set up, you can get straight to work.

Does the Multi-Gym Offer a Better Workout?

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The answer is complex—it depends! Like we said, the truth is probably in the eye of the beholder. If you're looking for a well-rounded workout that gives you great versatility in a small space, the answer is likely to be "yes." If you're looking for the same workout that traveling to your local gym will offer you with access to numerous strength training and cardio machines, the answer may well be "no." A multi-gym might also be just one good piece of equipment amongst many for avid fitness enthusiasts who get bored easily and want to mix up their training frequently. However, for the vast majority of home gym owners, they tend to be very happy with their choice and love the multi-gym workout they get as a result.

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