Muscle Gain Myths You Can Ignore

Muscle Gain Myths You Can Ignore

Top 5 muscle gain myths

5 Muscle Gain Myths You Should Let Go

Aside from the fact that it can be difficult to achieve, few people know a lot about muscle gain. There are a lot of misconceptions about what it takes to get buffed out legs and arms, a six pack – what some refer to as that Arnold Schwarzenegger look. Unfortunately, these misconceptions cause people to either give up on their muscle gain or go about building them up in the wrong way. Neither a desirable outcome. If you really want to build muscle, we will dispel the top five muscle gain myths. Then, maybe you can get on with your plan and avoid wasted time and energy.

Ignore These Muscle Gain Myths

  • You have to eat a ton of protein – Popular media is full of outrageous stories, both true and fictional, of bodybuilders swallowing meat down whole, mixing raw eggs into their smoothies, and eating unreal amounts of protein in order to bulk up. While protein is key for muscle gain, because our bodies require protein to build and repair muscle tissue, you don’t need exorbitant amounts of protein to see results. A healthy diet and a workout shake usually does the trick for most people.
  • You have to spend your life in the gym – You don’t need to spend every waking hour in the gym to get the results you want. In fact, working out too much can be detrimental to your muscle gain plans. Keeping to an organized, well-planned workout schedule and regimen will allow you to see success without compromising your time.
  • Fewer reps for bulking, more reps for cutting – This one has been around for ages and many people still believe it. The myth says you should use slower, less frequent repetitions to build muscle and higher frequency with more repetitions to cut (“tone”) muscle. In fact, studies have shown that both methods produce the about same results for muscle gain. What will help define your muscles is lowering your percentage of overall body fat, as this will allow your muscle to show through.
  • You should schedule a “leg day” then an “arm day” etc. – You’ve probably heard people at the gym and elsewhere talk about “back day” and “arm day” etc. Focusing on core muscle groups one at a time is a classic approach many gym rats have believed in for years. But contrary to popular belief, fully working out one muscle group in one session will not achieve the best results. It will leave one group of muscles exceptionally sore, while neglecting the others. Instead of having “muscle days,” just do the exercises that are most efficient for your overall fitness and muscle gain goals. It’s probably better to fudge on the number of repetitions per exercise rather than the number of exercises you do.
  • Slacking off turns your muscle into fat – First, it’s important to note that muscle and fat are two different things, two totally different types of tissue. It’s impossible for one to turn into the other. If you don’t work out for a while, your muscles won’t turn into fat, but they will get smaller. This is because muscles atrophy when left unused. The good news is that these muscle cells aren’t gone, they just need to be trained again.

If you've been holding on to one or more of these muscle gain myths and allowing them to influence your fitness routine, then you can let go of them now. Stop letting false information govern how you conduct your workout program. Focus on your immediate goals and set a plan to achieve them by finding and using the best and most accurate information you can. It's all out there if you look. Learn to debunk the muscle gain myths and other fitness misinformation, and you'll have a much happier and more productive fitness regime.

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