New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

Stick to Your 2024 New Year’s Resolutions

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“One of my New Year’s resolutions was going to be to quit all my bad habits but then it occurred to me — no one likes a quitter.”      ~ TruthFollower.com

Internet memes notwithstanding, for most of us the beginning of each new year brings a new set of goals that we "resolve" to reach. The holiday season, paired with the exciting prospect of a clean slate in the new year, gets us all dizzy and passionate about possible lifestyle changes. We write down resolutions, work at them excitedly for a week or two, or three, and then – we let them fall by the wayside. Something happens, like a vacation, an off weekend, or a cold. We skip a day or two of our fitness routine and before we know it, our New Year’s resolutions have gone out the window. A third of us won’t even make it past January. But this year can be different!

Set Yourself Up For Success

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have tons of extra time, superpowers, or an iron will to implement your resolutions. Whatever your New Year’s resolutions may be, here are some great tips to help you stick to them.

  • Write It Down – There’s no getting around this one. If you want your resolutions to have legs, first you have to write them into existence. Writing down your goals is by no means a guarantee that you will accomplish them, but it does provide a record and good starting point.
  • Be Specific – One of the key tenets of goal setting is that goals be specific and measurable. Overly general or vague goals won’t get you anywhere because they don't provide you with a blueprint for how to achieve them. Write down exactly how you plan to get from point A to point B. If your goal is to get fit this year, what does that mean? Instead of writing down the goal of “getting fit,” set a more specific benchmark such as “I will go to to the gym at least three times a week.”
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  • Break Up Your Goals – Don’t saddle yourself with overly ambitious goals that can overwhelm you. Instead, break up your goals into smaller ones so that they're more manageable. For example, if your goal is to the go to the gym daily, that isn’t very realistic right off that bat. Instead, try breaking that up into bite-sized pieces, such as “for the first month, I will go to the gym once a week, until I build up the habit. Then, I will slowly increase my attendance frequency until I am where I want to be.” This will make it much easier for you to not only stick to your plan, but to accomplish your goal.
  • Set Up a Rewards System – Treat yourself! There is a reason the carrot and stick method works. Humans are hardwired to be motivated to work harder when there is a reward involved. Set a series of benchmarks and a variety of rewards. Try to pick rewards that won’t undo your hard work. It’s okay to indulge in a nice treat or dessert, but there are other, more productive rewards you should consider as well. Maybe a movie, a vacation, an outing, a massage, a new piece of fitness gear, or whatever you can think of that will motivate you. Just as you did with your goals, divide your treats up by benchmark. Regular small treats over time, with big treats reserved for larger accomplishments, gives you something to look forward to every week or month.
  • Set a Schedule – Time management is key to accomplishing any goal. Make sure that you integrate your New Year’s resolution into your daily schedule. Set aside time for accomplishing your resolutions and pencil that time into your schedule. Plan around your other obligations and foreseeable excuses.
  • Find Buddies – Misery loves company. If you know it’s going to take a lot of effort and willpower to stick to your resolutions, find friends to help you! You can either find people to workout with you or even recruit friends to help hold you accountable for sticking to your resolutions.

Think Outside the Box

These are just a few ideas that may be helpful, but there could be dozens of creative ways you haven't considered that can help you set your targets and hit them. However you manage to do it, sticking to your new year's resolutions and keeping your eye on your goals will pay off in the end. You can become a healthier, happier you by making goals incremental, achievable, and rewarding. Good luck!

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