Plus Size People

Plus Size People

Motivation and Exercise Tips for Plus Size People

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None of us needs to be told that eating less and exercising more are the basic keys to weight loss. But, just knowing that is the easy part. The exercise part, however, can be more troublesome for plus size people. They often feel uncomfortable going to a gym, and motivating yourself to work out alone is tough for everyone. We're here to help solve that issue by giving you a few tips on how you can motivate yourself to exercise.

Before we begin, we need to mention that you should always consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program, especially if you are significantly overweight. Your doctor can help you put together an exercise plan that is both effective and safe. So, fear not. There are countless exercises and activities you can take part in, no matter what shape you are in. Always spend a few minutes stretching and warming up before you begin your regular exercise routine.

Let’s get started with a few simple tips.

Motivation Tips for Plus Size People

  • Select classes that are right for you. Gyms and exercise studios have all sorts of different classes, many of which are geared towards those who are overweight. If your local gym does not have such a class, talk to them about offering one.
  • Be an inspiration. It always feels good when people look at what you are doing and feel inspired to become more active. This is especially true of you have kids who are willing to lead a healthier lifestyle because of you.
  • Incinerate those calories. One advantage that larger people have is that they are able to burn more calories doing the same exercises as smaller people.
  • Embrace your changes. When people lose an inch off their waist, it’s tough to notice, but dramatic weight losses are plain to see. Enjoy those changes and be ready to accept the compliments from people who are impressed by your efforts.
  • Set short-term goals. Looking at your target weight can make the task ahead look overwhelming. Break down your weight loss journey into smaller achievable goals and reward yourself for each one you hit.
  • Get healthier. Losing weight isn’t just about looking great in a pair of jeans. More importantly, it’s about ridding yourself of dangerous health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Losing weight means potentially living a longer life.
  • Love yourself now. Rather than focusing on what you don’t like about yourself, focus on the things that you do like. We all have at least one thing that we like.

Exercise Tips for Plus Size People

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  • Start walking. Who needs a gym when you have streets you can walk on right outside your front door? Start with short walks and slowly increase the distance over time.
  • Sit and exercise. Search online and you will find all sorts of low impact exercises that you can do while sitting in a chair. This is a great way to get started if you have limited mobility.
  • Hit the pool. Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise that’s easy on the joints. If you have a local public pool, they may even have all sorts of great classes you can join.
  • On your bike. Cycling is another great way to get in shape. If you don’t fancy going outside to rode, you can invest in a stationary bike instead.
  • Get into low-impact aerobics. Easy on the joints, low-impact aerobics classes will get your heart rate going with minimal risk of injury.
  • Try out exercise machines. If you are not totally comfortable at the gym, you should at least get a trial membership so that you can get to know the equipment. You can then buy a home version that will allow you to exercise outside the gym.
  • Strength train. Cardio will help burn calories, but strength training will do that too, while also helping you build and tome muscles that will look great when the weight comes off.
  • Yoga and Pilates. Both of these exercises are great for mind and body. Becoming mentally strong is important, as it will help you resist cravings and stay motivated. Your instructor can help you find positions that work with your current level of flexibility.
  • Don't Sit On The Sidelines

    There are fitness programs out there for all shapes and sizes, even if you're extremely overweight. Just remember that, when it comes to exercising, one routine does not fit all needs. Discuss your goals with your doctor, and then find the fitness program that works for you and get started on a healthier mind and body.

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