FPD Competition Plates

FPD Competition Plates

FPD Competition Plates are an IWF standard 450mm in diameter with chrome-plated steel disc inserts and a 50.4mm collar opening for a firm, stable hold. We’ve added several new features to this line-up of color-coded bumpers.

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More About FPD Competition Plates

FPD Competition Plates have a raised rubber surface to prevent direct metal-on-metal contact between the center discs. Whether stacked on the bar or on a rack, the bumpers only come into contact with each other on the inner and outer flanges—reducing scuffing and helping to preserve the plates’ finish and lettering. A convenient lip on the edge of the plate also makes it easier to pick up from the rack or off the ground.

The color coding of the FPD Competition Plates makes them easy to identify at a glance, helping athletes, trainers, and coaches run more efficient workouts. Red = 55LB, Blue = 45LB, Yellow = 35LB, and Green = 25LB. Just choose the plate pair(s) that meets your needs and you're ready to go.

Available Weights

  • 25 pounds
  • 35 pounds
  • 45 pounds
  • 55 pounds