JumpSport Model 370 PRO Fitness Trampoline

JumpSport Model 370 PRO Fitness Trampoline

JumpSport Model 370 PRO Fitness Trampoline

The JumpSport Model 370 PRO Fitness Trampoline is perfect for high intensity workouts with small groups or personal training. With a larger jumping surface, the 370 Pro is still lightweight and offers the virtually silent FlexBounce™ System vs. steel springs and frame which can become squeaky.

  • Move your workout up a notch and go PRO
  • Larger jumping surface including extra-wide padded mat
  • A better bounce = better results
  • Fire up your fitness sessions with our 4-in- workout DVD (included)

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Features of the JumpSport Model 370 PRO Fitness Trampoline

The JumpSport Model 370 PRO Fitness Trampoline is great for all ages and condition levels. Enjoy low impact cardio and core exercises while trimming fat and toning your whole body, as well as improving your balance and spatial awareness.

  • 39” Metallic Charcoal frame and black legs with a 35.5” Permatron jumping surface with overlapping petal pad
  • EnduroLast 4 elastic cords – tested to millions of bounces!
  • 36 adjustable cords allow for 7 adjustable tension settings that allow changes to mat firmness for a customized bounce
  • Perfect for higher intensity workouts, small group, Group X and personal training
  • Virtually silent and wonderfully smooth, cushioned, yet lively bounce
  • Over 40% reduction on impact as compared to traditional rebounders
  • Arched legs provide stability and resist tipping for added safety
  • Commercial-grade construction – 16 gauge steel tubing for strength and durability
  • Space-saving design lets you stack up to 8 units safely and conveniently
  • Wide range of additional fitness accessories
  • JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 370PRO only weighs 22lbs! Easy to transport!
  • Weight rating: 300 lbs

Benefits of the JumpSport Model 370 PRO Fitness Trampoline

  • For all ages and condition levels!
  • Fast, high calorie burn
  • Trim fat and tone your whole body.
  • Low impact cardio and core exercises.
  • Detox / body cleansing by increasing lymphatic flow.
  • Improve balance & spatial awareness.
  • Great for physical rehab.
  • Adaptable for upper body and abdominal workouts.
  • Arched leg options available for additional stability.
  • Exercise at your convenience.
  • Over 40% easier on the body and joints than traditional rebounders.
  • Virtually Silent FlexBounce™ System vs. Steel springs & frame that become squeaky.
  • No Stress, Gentle, Smooth Bounce vs. Jarring, unpleasant bounce.
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty vs. 2 year warranty!
  • Over 50% Larger Jumping Area vs. Constricted jumping area.
  • The best warranty in its class and industry-leading customer support.
  • Residential Use Warranty

  • Steel Frame & Legs – Lifetime
  • Mat – 5 years
  • EnduroLast 2 Elastic Cords – 2 Years
  • EnduroLast 3 Elastic Cords – 3 Years
  • EnduroLast 4 Elastic Cords – 4 Years
  • EnduroLast XF Elastic Cords – 4 Years
  • All other components – 1 year
  • Commercial Use Warranty

  • Steel Frame & Legs – 5 years
  • EnduroLast 3 Elastic Cords – 12 months
  • EnduroLast 4 Elastic Cords – 18 months
  • EnduroLast XF Elastic Cords - 18 months
  • All other components – 1 year