Octane Q37e Elliptical USED

Octane Q37e Elliptical USED

Octane Q37e Elliptical USED

The Octane Q37e Elliptical is so phenomenal because it does a tremendous job of mimicking natural movement. Most people swing their arms at an angle when they walk, jog, or run, and yet until the Octane Q37e Elliptical, it simply didn’t exist on elliptical trainers. This high-tech equipment was built through hard work, years of research and development, and dedication to people. The Q37e elliptical was crafted to give the totality of the human body an exceptional and healthy workout. From the QuadLink Drive, 1.8’’ pedal spacing, and space-efficient footprint for the lower body, to the specialized core recruitment mechanics tailored into the overall motion, the Q37e is the epitome of full-body training. All of this on top of a solid foundation based on the company’s Body-Mapping Ergonomics.



Features of the Octane Q37e Elliptical

The Octane Q37e Elliptical was crafted to give the totality of the human body an exceptional and healthy workout.

Since 2003, Octane Fitness has won more than 60 Best Buy awards such as The Best Life Seal of Approval, Excellence in Fitness Award by the Best of Health magazine, Fit-Prof Best Buy 2013, and rated #1 elliptical 2013 by Leading Consumer Publication, among other consumer and marketing magazine awards.

With biomechanically correct pedal spacing, the Octane Q37e Elliptical allows for ultimate comfort and less joint tension, giving you the most natural-feeling elliptical workout each and every time. The Octane Q37c features patented converging path handlebars, making this elliptical one-of-a-kind in the industry.

The Octane Q37e Elliptical's converging handlebars have MultiGrip functionality and feature fingertip controls, heart rate sensors and moving handlebar lock-out. Stationary handlebars are also featured to provide more stability during focused lower-body workouts. The Octane Q37e has 8 workout programs and 20 resistance levels providing you with lots of variety.

The Octane Q37e Elliptical includes preset resistance such as manual, beginner and custom interval, goal programs for calories and distance, and workout boosters like X-Mode personal trainer and coach. While the Q36e is geared for those just beginning to experience what unprecedented elliptical trainers can do, the Q37e from Octane Fitness is for those who consider themselves a bit more seasoned and ready to step their exercise regimen up a few notches.

It’s about getting even better results in less time, and through challenges that invigorate and motivate, rather than bore or stagnate. At the end of the day, Octane Fitness is known from Beijing to Boston for pushing the envelope of elliptical manufacturing.

It’s the reason they’ve been voted #1 by certain consumer watch dogs in the industry. The Octane Q37e Elliptical can boast of being the only one on the market that has converging path handlebars.