Rubber Sports Flooring

Rubber Sports Flooring

Available in four varieties:

  • RubberDeck Rolls - general purpose rolled rubber
    Available in 6mm, 8mm and 9.5mm rolls
  • RubberDeck Puzzle Tiles - interlocking rubber tiles
    Tile Size: 8mm x 2´ x 2´
  • RubberDeck Super Tiles - heavy-duty raised square tiles
    Tile Size: 1” x 2´ x 2´
    Transitional Edging is available
  • TrackDeck - high performance dual-layered rolls
    Available in 8mm rolls


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Our Most Durable Flooring Product for Repeated Abuse - RubberDeck

RubberDeck is our most durable sports flooring product and can withstand repeated battering by dropped weights. This super shock absorbent Earth-friendly flooring is made from the highest quality recycled rubber and colorful EPDM flecks.