The Vectra VX – DC Assisted Dip and Chin-up Machine


The Vectra VX-DC is a modular dual station machine that joins our award winning family of Series VX multi-station gyms and functional trainers.

> Available in both kneeling and standing formats
> Accommodates low ceiling heights
> Dip bars have 4 width adjustable positions

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The Trademark Columns of Distinction

During the leg presses, the non skid footplate pivots thoughout the exercise motion, minimizing ankle stress. Adjust the ball bearing guided seat back and move the feet down onto the purpose designed section of the footplate for an unbeatable calf pressOver the years, the Vectra columns have become the standard of not only excellence in function, but also in form.

The elegant appearance of all Vectra gyms adds to the tasteful environment of your exercise room and your assurance of Vectra quality.

Assisted Chin-up and Dip

Assisted Dips and Chin-ups are popular exercises with fitness enthusiasts worldwide. The VX-DC allows progression towards less assisted and even unassisted exercises due to the ingenious design of the fully enclosed weight stack and easily adjustable assist bar. The VX-DC may be freestanding, or attached to most other Series VX machines and is the perfect complement to any commercial gym or home training facility.

Configuration Possibilities!

The VX-DC can be either a freestanding unit or can be attached to most Series VX machines. If ceiling height is an issue, the VX-DC can be assembled in either a standing format (8'8" ceiling height required)

or kneeling format (7'5" ceiling height required). Facility adaptability is key with the VX-DC.