Torque Fitness X-Create

Torque Fitness X-Create

Torque Fitness X-Create was designed and engineered with a modular approach that makes customization a simple step-by-step process. Create the ultimate training space. The X-Create by Torque Fitness takes the features of a perfected storage system and merges it with endless training possibilities.

We have created packages for Torque Fitness X-Create to meet your needs, whether it's storage, functional training, or both. Almost every piece of X-Create can be substituted in each module. If you like a certain package but want to substitute any modules, just let us know!

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Features of Torque Fitness X-Create

Torque Fitness X-Create is designed for floor space efficiency, optimal accessory storage and accessibility, and infinite customization to create the ideal group training system. With expansion options, suspension anchors, pull-up bars, ball walls, stall bars, ball targets and more, X-Create is the ideal solution for storing accessories or creating a complete custom training system, and everything in between.

Build Your Own X-Create

Torque Fitness X-Create was designed and engineered with a modular approach that makes customization a simple step-by-step process. First, determine whether you want a Bridge or Wall System, then choose the length that will fit your facility. Next, choose the modules and attachments that you will use to meet your training needs. Finally, choose the accessories, individually or in our recommended packages, that pair with your system.

Follow steps 1-2-3-4 below to get an idea of what a custom Torque Fitness X-Create could do for your facility. RX Fitness' Design Team can help you with all of that and give you a 3-D visual rendering of what your Custom X-Create will look like in your facility.

X-Create Accessory Packages

Each of our recommended X-Create Accessory Packages are designed to fill one storage tray or rack in a Storage Wall or Custom X-Create system. By combining multiple packages together you can fill your entire Storage Wall or Custom X-Create system with functional accessories for your individual or group needs, whether that's storage, functional training, or both. .

Each package illustrates approximately how many accessories will fit on each tray or Storage Wall. If you would like to fill your X-Creates storage with your own selection of accessories, just contact us and we will put together a custom package of our available functional accessories.

The 5-Module Accessory Package

The Torque Fitness X-Create 5-module package includes all the tools required to train up to 14 individuals at one time. This package pairs well with any X-Create system with at least 5 Storage Modules. Torque recommends a 1000 square foot training area for this package. Additional sizes and weights are available for most of the accessories. This accessory package can be customized to swap individual accessories in or out to meet your needs.

The 5-Step Process


Decide on an X-Create Bridge or Wall system then choose the length.

Torque Fitness X-Create step 1


Choose from storage, functional, and extension training options to fill your modules.

Torque Fitness X-Create step 2 (1)


Choose attachments that add functional options to your X-Create system.

Torque Fitness X-Create step 3


Choose custom individual training accessories or select a recommended training package.

Torque Fitness X-Create step 4