TuffStuff AP-71HL Single Station High Low

TuffStuff AP-71HL Single Station High Low

The TuffStuff AP-71HL High Low Pulley Station is the perfect compact trainer for nearly any space or room. It’s built sturdy and allows the user a multi-station workout second to none.

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For over twenty-six years, the TuffStuff Apollo Series has been the standard against which all other multi-stack gym systems have been measured. The new Apollo 7000 Series, like the TuffStuff AP-71HL, offers more than just traditional multi-station gyms. The modular design offers versatility allowing your clients the luxury of customizing a multi-station configuration that best suits their need, or, the added benefit of creating single-station, stand alone modules. With features as legendary as its name and improved versatility, the new Apollo 7000 series is again raising the bar in the multi-stack gym category.

Product Highlights

  • Multi-purpose High/Low pulley station offers virtually unlimited cable exercise potential
  • Counter-balanced roller style pulley carriage offers single hand adjustability
  • Dual handle pulley carriage allows bilateral and unilateral exercises
  • Custom 1:1/4 cable ratio and ball bearing pulleys provide smooth function and unrestricted cable travel
  • 200 lbs. steel weight stack

Ideal For . . .

  • Condos/Apartment Complexes
  • Fire/Police Stations
  • Schools and YMCA’s
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Armed Services
  • Home and Office
  • Personal Trainer Studios