TuffStuff AP-71MP Single Station Multi Press

TuffStuff AP-71MP Single Station Multi Press

The TuffStuff AP-71MP Single Station Multi Press is part of the Apollo 7000 series and is the ideal single-stack gym for nearly any space – commercial or consumer.

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TuffStuff AP-71MP Single Station Multi Press is built strong, compact and can accommodate a variety exercises and adjustments on both the press bar and back pad. For thirty years, the TuffStuff Apollo Series has been the standard against which all other multi-press gym systems have been measured. The AP-71MP Single Station Multi Press offers more than just traditional single-stack station presses. The adjustable press bar, adjustable back pad and 360 degree swivel multi-directional low pulley station all add an already study and impressive 200 lb steel weight stack press.

Product Highlights

  • Unit can accommodate a variety of exercises from the combined multi-press/row station, lat pulldown station, mid-pulley and low pulley positions
  • 8-position adjustable press bar
  • Adjustable back pad for custom range of motion settings and rachet-style adjustable seat pad
  • 360-degree swivel, multi directional low pulley station
  • 200 lbs. steel weight stack

Ideal For . . .

  • Hotels, Motels & Resorts
  • Condos/Apartment Complexes
  • Fire/Police Stations
  • Schools and YMCA’s
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Armed Services
  • Home and Office
  • Personal Trainer Studios