TuffStuff AXT-3 Home Gym USED

TuffStuff AXT-3 Home Gym USED

TuffStuff AXT-3 Home Gym • USED

The TuffStuff AXT-3 Home Gym is a game-changing addition to your home workout regime. With finishing touches like the an aluminum lat bar, chrome edging, and adjustable outrigger arms, the TuffStuff AXT-3 takes luxury to another level in your home. In addition to being comfortable, the AXT-3 is also convenient with it's seated leg extension that easily converts to a seated hamstring curl. There’s also a tigger-release that changes your arm press from chest, incline, mid-row and shoulders.

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Features of the TuffStuff AXT-3 Home Gym

  • The TuffStuff AXT-3 Home Gym is a "user-defined home gym" offering a fully adjustable traditional pressing station as well as adjustable outrigger arms for functional training and to simulate free weights and work core.
  • The AXT-3 also offers a patented gravity latch leg developer allowing you to change from leg extension to leg curl exercises with just one click.
  • Comes standard with a 200 pound solid steel weight stack as well as patented turn and twist 2.5 pound and 5 pound add-on weights for smaller incremental weight increases.

Specifications of the AXT-3

  • "Off-the-floor" 3-point contact frame
  • Space efficient all-frontal design
  • Solid and stable 2 x 4" 11-gauge oval tubular steel main frame
  • Trigger-release device provides convenient press arm adjustments for chest, incline, shoulder presses and mid rows
  • Features the unique outrigger arms fully adjustable to high, mid and low positions - provide variety and unlimited free-style cable movement exercises
  • Option of two different leg developer: AXT-DLE (seated leg extension/leg curl) or AXT-SLE (seated leg extension/standing leg curl)
  • Upholstered roller pads
  • Full length protective steel weight shields
  • 200 lbs. black steel weight plates
  • Leg Press Attachment
  • Ab/Back Attachment
  • Inner/Outer Thigh Attachment
  • Foot Print: 58”L x 52”W x 84”H