TuffStuff CMB-375 Multi-Purpose Bench – Evolution Series

TuffStuff CMB-375 Multi-Purpose Bench – Evolution Series

The TuffStuff CMB-375 Multi-Purpose Bench has an exceptionally high level of adjustability, from decline to full upright position, even the seat pad adjusts to various angle positions. The TuffStuff CMB-375 Multi-Purpose Bench accepts optional CLC-385 Leg Developer and CPA-316 Preacher Curl Attachment.

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The TuffStuff CMB-375 Multi-Purpose Bench is one of the fitness products TuffStuff has created to make your home workouts easier or more effective than ever before! Thirty years ago TuffStuff pioneered the home fitness market with the creation of the worlds first home gym and has been the fitness industry’s leading strength manufacturer ever since. From the compact Six-Pak Trainer and AXT home gyms, to the versatile multi-stack Apollo systems and comprehensive free weight line, TuffStuff design innovations and quality construction have been setting industry standards on home strength products for over 30 years. If you’re ready to work out in the comfort and privacy of your own home without sacrificing on the quality of your equipment, TuffStuff is the right choice for you.

Product Highlights

  • Multi angle bench adjusts from decline through full upright position.
  • Includes leg hold down support for secure decline bench use.
  • Independent seat adjustment.
  • Built-in handle and transport wheels for easy roll-away.
  • Accepts CLC-385 Leg Developer and CPA-316 Preacher Curl attachments (home use only).