TuffStuff PPL-900 Smith Machine

TuffStuff PPL-900 Smith Machine

The TuffStuff PPL-900 Smith Machine is one of the Proformance Plus commercial strength series pieces of strength equipment. Machines in this series, like the TuffStuff PPL-900 Smith Machine, combine 40 years of engineering excellence with modern visual styling to deliver a collection of equipment designed to exceed all expectations.

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Proformance Plus is the best choice in  strength equipment for Health Clubs, Hospitality, Schools, Military, GSA, Hospitals, HOA’s and Corporate Wellness. Striking design elements, superior biomechanics and modern aesthetics blend seamlessly to create a line of resistance equipment that embodies an “only the best will do” philosophy with “Made in the USA” quality. The Tuff Stuff Adjustable Smith Machine features a self-aligning linear bearing Smith press that is counter-balanced to zero for optimal results. With its fully-adjustable spring action catch/stopper, this machine is designed to provide enhanced safety.

The TuffStuff PPL-900 Smith Machine is safe, has a load capacity of 1500 pounds, fully adjustable spring action safety catches and has built-in Olympic weight storage. Ideal for users who wish to maximize their workouts with smooth functionality.

?Facilities interested in providing users with maximum workout opportunities and enhanced safety features. When you’re ready for high performance strength equipment that delivers professional results and exceeds your expectations, you’re ready for the TuffStuff PPL-900 Smith Machine.

Product Highlights

  • A “proven” 7º slant Smith press design allows a natural feel and body movement.
  • Heavyweight half rack system with enclosed self-aligning linear bearing Smith press system with built-in adjustable safety stoppers.
  • Spring loaded/swing lock J-Hook (Pat. Pend.) design for easy adjustability with integrated safety stoppers.
  • Standard with built in chinning bar, Olympic bar and weight plates storage.
  • Option: CHL-610WS High/Low Pulley system with 200 lbs. weight stack.