TuffStuff SPT-6B Six-Pak Base Functional Trainer Without Bench

TuffStuff SPT-6B Six-Pak Base Functional Trainer Without Bench

MSRP: $3,559.00

TuffStuff’s #1 selling, patented Six-Pak Trainers have been changing the shape of functional training for more than a decade.  The Six-Pak Base Functional Trainer (SPT-6B) features an open frame design that allows nearly unlimited full body strength training.  Equipped with six cable pulleys at three separate cable heights (low, mid, and high), the SPT-6B enables quick and easy transitions between exercises.  Highly versatile, the Six-Pak Functional Trainer may be used with stability balls, balance boards, BOSU trainers, and benches for seated, standing and other ground based movements.

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TuffStuff’s Six-Pak Base Functional Trainer (SPT-6B) provides space-efficient cable motion technology in a compact all-frontal work station.  Transitions between exercises are quick and easy with three convenient cable heights (low, mid, and high).  While the “free-flow” handles provide multi-directional, free and natural movements.

The Six-Pak Functional Trainer features an open frame design which allows full body training utilizing stability balls, balance boards, BOSU trainers, benches and other ground based movements. The Base Six-Pak (SPT-6B) comes equipped with a 150 lb solid steel weight stack; optional upgrade to 200 lb weight stack available (SKU: PPO-050).

The SPT-6B includes the same patented design found on the #1 selling Six-Pak Trainer (SPT-6X), without the built-in 360º rotating lay-flat workout bench.

  • Compact, space efficient design – fits on a 3ft x 4ft mat
  • Includes six (6) cable pulleys enabling smooth functional movements
  • Three (3) convenient cable heights (low, mid, and high)
  • 150 lb steel weight stack (optional upgrade to 200 lb)
  • USA-made high performance fitness cable – certified 1000 lb
  • Extended cable travel *Resistance at handle is approx 1/4 of the weight selected
  • Optional 360º rotating lay-flat workout bench (SPT-6X)
  • Home Lifetime Warranty*