Vectra VFT-100 Functional Trainer


This machine gives you all the functionality that barbells and dumbbell exercises provide, and more. It offers unmatched ease of use and versatility in the functional trainer category. The VFT-100 is capable of adapting as your exercise and training demands change.

> Body ResiStability (body resistance training™)
> Compact weight machine
> Commercial or home gym
> Total body workout

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Training for Life

Life IS movement, whether it's in sports, work, or the normal chores of the average day. And if you think about it, almost all physical activity originates with the "core". Funtional training allows you to train your muscles to work together to meet life's everyday demands.

Versatility and Convenience

Versatility, smooth / reliable operation and convenience are the measure of a functional trainer and the VFT-100 delivers on all counts. The wide pulleys adjust from just off the floor to about six feet high with 23 possible positions. Convenient adjustment lever

adjusts both sides of the pulley arm at once. The pulley arm is counter- balanced to minimize effort. Both

arms are always at the same height, saving valuable training time. In addition, dual swiveling high pulley are as close together as possible, allowing for a larger range of motion and the low pulley is perfectly positioned allowing for greater number of exercises.

VFT Bench Included!

Unlike other functional trainers, the VFT-100 is strong on leg exercises. The ball-bearing leg developer allows you to perform leg extensions and leg curls one or two legs at a time, and the width-adjustable contoured leg rollers -- a Vectra innovation -- provide unsurpased comfort. The VFT bench features 7 different training angles. Sturdy wheels make positioning easy and an automatic locking mechanism keeps the bench securely in place. This bench also doubles as the perfect place for dumbbell work.