VX – 28 Two Stack Multi-Station Gym


The VX-28 brings a full commerical quality health club workout into your home gym and can be used by two people at the same time.

> Accommodates 2 users simultaneously
> Designed for commercial gym and home gym settings
> Superior design and engineering
> Total body workout

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Dedicated Leg Press

The VX-11 is a sturdy addition to any exercise room, whether used as a freestanding unit or joined to the VX-18 or the VX-38. The VX-11 is designed to be a freestanding piece, as well as a component of the Series VX, it allows you flexibility according to your room layout.

Two Weight Stacks

The VX-28 delivers a full commercial quality health club workout by combining the best of the VX-18 and VX-11. Whether working out alone or with another individual, no other two stack gym provides the full range of upper and lower body exercises. The parallelogram, direct drive press arm design provides natural arc movement and completely eliminates cable stretch at the pressing station. With the additional weight stack, you have the option of working out with another person.

Modular Design

The modular nature of the Series VX machine ensures all of your exercise and room layout needs will be met. Nearly all Series VX machines can stand alone or connect to other Series VX machines.

Tailor a Vectra gym to the size and needs of any home gym or commercial facility.