Waters Fitness Tsunami Ultra

Waters Fitness Tsunami Ultra

Experience the “Ultra” best in Indoor Cycling. The Tsunami Ultra combines an indexed magnetic system with a drive belt to provide 20 levels of smooth, quiet and repeatable resistance. It is built on the same durable frame as the Tsunami Pro with large oval tubing and a low step-over height. Bike specific geometry and a flywheel safely built into the frame assure comfort and stability.

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  • Fore & Aft Handlebars
  • Allows for the ability to adjust the bike geometry for a more comfortable workout.

  • Stable Frame
  • Made with large oval tubing, excellent stability and 350 lb. user weight.

  • Frame Guard
  • Plastic cover protects the frame from scratches in a heavy usage area.

  • Large Bottom Bracket Shell
  • Shell has been oversized to 5 mm to improve bearing life.

  • Quick Release Ratchet System
  • Provides quick and solid adjustments allowing for small adjustments of the seat post and handlebar.

  • Sweat Hoods
  • Built into the frame to protect the flywheel and brake assembly from corrosive sweat.

  • Low Step-Over Height
  • Enables easier mounting as compared to x- or y-frames.

  • Indexed Magnetic Resistance
  • Accommodates 20 levels of smooth and quiet magnetic resistance with no parts to wear out on our friction-free braking system.

  • Metal Belt Guard
  • Provides durability in a heavy usage area of the cycle.

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Upgraded our seat post and handlebar to aluminum which will not rust in the “sweat factories” we refer to as Indoor Cycling Studios.

  • Commercial Warranty
  • 10 years on frame; 3 years on parts; 1 year on wear items and labor.


Frame       10 Years
Parts       3 Years
Wear Items, such as pedals, seat, and brake pad       1 year
Labor       1 Year