Protein Myths

Protein Myths

Avoiding Those Diet-Busting Protein Myths

protein myths

Protein needs to be a part of every healthy diet. That said, there are countless protein myths that can damage our best attempts at dieting and staying healthy. There are a lot of things being said about protein, not all of which are true. So, before you embark on a drastic change in your diet, like an all protein or no protein nutrition program, spend a little time researching protein myths and how they can have a detrimental effect on your weight loss or weight gain plans, not to mention your overall health.

The Top 5 Protein Myths

  1. Protein builds muscles like magic – People love to say that eating things like meat, peanut butter and other proteins will give you big, strong muscles.
    • The reality is that you are not going to magically get huge muscles simply by eating protein. The reality is that the protein you consume will not become muscle without exercise. Regular exercise combined with protein is what creates muscle.
  2. All protein is the same – Over time, your body breaks protein down into amino acids. Should it really matter where the source of the protein comes from?
    • In truth, the protein source does matter.
    • Protein obtained from plant and animal sources are not identical. Plant sources of protein do not deliver all the essential amino acids your body needs. Also, your body has a tougher time getting the protein it needs from plants.
  3. It’s not possible to eat too much protein – This myth suggests that you can simply load up on protein without facing any type of consequences.
    • You have almost certainly heard warnings about the potential dangers of eating too many fats or carbohydrates, but when was the last time you heard that about protein. The fact of the matter is that eating too much protein can have serious consequences.
    • One of the major issues that comes with eating too much protein is weight gain. Your body will turn all excess protein into stored fat. Another problem is that you may experience bad breath and potential kidney damage when consuming too much protein.

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  4. Protein should always be consumed after a workout – This myth has led many people to automatically eat protein after every workout. The feeling is that by doing this, you will immediately begin to rebuild the muscles you used while exercising.
    • Protein can help with refueling after a tough gym session but forgetting to eat or skipping the protein will not create a major issue.
    • Studies have shown that there are very few long-term benefits that come when eating protein after every workout. As long as you incorporate protein into your daily meals and snacks, there is no need to load up on more after you exercise.
  5. Protein aids in weight loss – While protein is an essential part of any weight loss diet plan, it is not going to have any effect if it is all you eat.
    • What this means is that loading up on protein and not making any other changes to your diet or exercise plan will yield zero weight loss.
    • Protein should not be viewed as some magical weight loss formula. To lose weight, you need to control your calorie intake, eat healthy, and exercise.

Learn to Tell Myth From Fact

Protein is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, but it will not work as you had hoped if you start believing and following these myths. Make protein part of a balanced, healthy diet. Your body cannot flourish without carbohydrates, fat, fiber, protein and all the other nutrients that come from a well-balanced, healthy diet. Avoid new, flash-in-the-pan "gimmick" diets. Ignore the protein myths, the carb myths, the fat myths, the [insert your choice here] myths. If you're not sure you are looking at mythical or incorrect nutritional information, do your research. There are plenty of legitimate, scientifically-based websites out there to help guide you to your fitness goals. Be safe. Be well.

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