Recover After Over Exercising

Recover After Over Exercising

Best Ways to Recover After Over Exercising

recover after over exercising

Exercise is great for your health, but you can have too much of a good thing. Pushing yourself too hard can lead to injuries and fatigue, not to mention suppression of the immune system. The best solution is to manage your routine and listen to your body so that you avoid over exercising and possible harm. But, if you find yourself in unusual pain or with abnormal fatigue after your workout session, it's a good idea to slow down, stop overtraining and follow a few sensible steps to recover after over exercising.

First – Avoid Overtraining

  1. Stay in control. For those who obsess about exercising, it is often born of a need to be in control and to be an overachiever. If you fall into that category, think about setting more reasonable goals that will keep you healthy over the long haul.
  2. Body image is important. We look at models or bodybuilders and tend to get caught up in the idea of looking just like them. You will only fail doing that, so be happy about your best features and shoot for a weight that is appropriate for your build.
  3. Be heart healthy. You can get your target heart range by subtracting your age from 220. A safe heart rate falls withing 60-80% of that number.
  4. Get interested in the weather. There are people who will run outside in the worst of weather. If that does not seem like fun to you, plan to train indoors when the forecast shows that inclement weather is on the horizon.
  5. Become more social. Exercising is more fun, plus much tougher to skip, when you have an exercise buddy. Thinks about getting a running partner or joining fitness classes at your gym.
  6. Make fitness fun. Exercising doesn’t feel like work if you are having fun doing it. It also makes it easier to stay motivated and maintain a positive attitude.
  7. Mix things up regularly. A gradual increase in conditioning is a good idea. It’s also smart to focus on different body parts each day, as doing so allows the others to recover. Maintain a regular exercise schedule so that working out becomes a habit.
  8. Don’t forget to stretch. Avoid injuries by extending your range of motion. Perform both static and dynamic stretches for best results.
  9. Make your priorities clear. While exercise should be an important part of your life, it should not come at the expense of everything else. Focusing on family, career, and your spiritual life are also important for your overall health.

Then, If You Have To – Recover After Over Exercising

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  1. Rest is important. There are over the counter solutions, such as heats packs and anti-inflammatories, that can provide relief, but rest is the most effective. Give your body some time to recover between workouts.
  2. Delayed onset muscle soreness is real. It is natural to feel some discomfort for a say or two after strenuous exercise. Muscle pain let’s you know that progress is being made.
  3. Let injuries heal. Discomfort and stiffness is one thing, but pain is another entirely. Take time off if you are experiencing pain while exercising. See a doctor if the pain persists.
  4. Drink lots of water. Aim for 2-3 liters of water per day. The water will hep flush out waste products from your muscles and allow for better blood circulation.
  5. Treat yourself to a massage. Massage has proven effective in helping with muscle soreness, while potentially making them stronger.

Prevention Is the Best Plan

When you exercise regularly, you will quickly find that you look and feel better. In general, you'll see results from just 30 minutes of exercise 3 times per week. If you have concerns about health issues or limitations, talk to your doctor about an exercise plan that will work for you. This will also help prevent potential injuries. But remember, if you do happen to overdo it, allow yourself to recover by resting for a few days. You cannot recover after over exercising by continuing with your normal fitness routine.

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