Simple Diet Changes

Simple Diet Changes

Simple Diet Changes You Can Make for a Healthier Lifestyle

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With a busy family and career life, it can be tough to give your diet the attention that it needs. The good news is there are very simple diet changes that you can make today to the foods you eat that will take you a long way toward a healthier lifestyle. Being more particular about where you dine out will also have a very positive effect on your health. Changing our normal routine when it comes to what and where we eat is not as challenging as you might think. Start with the most obvious and easiest choices, then progress from there. Within a few weeks you can discover that you've seriously altered your food choices for the better.

Change The Foods You Eat Daily

Begin with the food choices you make on a daily basis, from the time you get up to the time you go to bed. Take a look at the things you eat every day that might have healthier substitutes that you could enjoy just as much, or at least almost as much. No one who loves a gooey chocolate doughnut for breakfast is going to find a rice cake a satisfying replacement. So, make it a smaller jump. Something better for you than a doughnut but not all the way over to a rice cake. You can always make another adjustment later as you get better at finding substitutes that you like. Remember ... simple diet changes.

  1. Eat more fruits and vegetables. – This is a great way to ensure that a lot of your calories come from healthy foods. You should be aiming for 6 servings per day, which you can achieve by having half of your meal be fresh produce.
  2. Add fiber to your diet. – Whole grains are a healthy option that will get the most out of the calories they deliver. They are also effective in helping you feel full.
  3. Whole foods are best. – Processed foods are quick and easy, but they are also unhealthy. Whole foods are better for you and help you cut back on added sugars and sodium.
  4. Eat more fish. – You get a ton of energy from lean protein, so try to eat fish twice per week. Fish is easy to prepare and makes for a great meal.
  5. Focus on healthy fats. – Not all fats are bad, so look for those that are healthy. For example, use virgin oil for dipping your bread instead of using butter.
  6. Start your meal with a healthy soup. – It has fewer calories and fills you up, so you eat less.

Change Your Eating Habits

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  1. Mange your portions. – Eating your favorite treats is fine as long as you do so in moderation. Instead of eating a slice of chocolate cake, eat a single piece of gourmet chocolate instead.
  2. Schedule meals and snacks. – You can boost your metabolism by eating more frequently during the day. This method also keeps hunger at bay and prevents you from snacking on junk.
  3. Eat a healthy breakfast. – A yogurt or a healthy bean burrito is a great way to start the day and give yourself some fuel for the challenges ahead.
  4. Slow down. – Rather than wolfing down your meal, take time to savor each bite. Doing so gives your body more time to tell you when it is full.
  5. Be mindful. – Focus on your food and pay attention to what you are eating. This is the most effective way to stop mindless snacking.
  6. Sit and eat. – This makes digestion that much easier. It also helps you focus on the food and calories that you are consuming.
  7. Change your meal settings. – Use smaller plate so that smaller portions still look bigger. Use lighting and table decorations to make meals look better.
  8. Get help. – Besides asking for support from family and friends, the social aspect of programs like Weight Watchers have also been proven to promote success. You may also want to get professional advice from a certified nutritionist about the changes you plan to make.
  9. Reward yourself. – Be prepared to treat yourself when you hit specific goals, but make sure that you are making healthy reward choices.
  10. Stay hydrated. – Water acts as a national appetite suppressant while also helping your body function as it should. You may also experience less fatigue and cravings.
  11. Make your own snacks. – Vending machines are always tempting, as is fast food. Make your own healthy snacks in the morning and carry them with you throughout the day. A small bag of trail mix can go a long way.
  12. Order healthy options when dining out. – Check menus online to make sure that the restaurant you plan on visiting has healthy options on the menu.

Simple Diet Changes Don't Have to Be a Major Disruption

A few simple diet changes to your daily menus and the way you eat can help to keep you healthy and feeling good over the long haul. You will have much more energy, which will encourage you to take part in activities that will contribute even more to your weight loss and overall health. Good luck on your health and fitness journey.

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