Skipping Workouts

Skipping Workouts

Is Skipping Workouts in Your Fitness Routine Dangerous?

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Maintaining a busy work and family life is tough but trying to find time to work out can be even tougher. With that in mind, you may have questions about what might happen if you can’t maintain regular workouts. The bad news is that there are definitely negative consequences that come with skipping workouts and giving up exercise, some of which we're about to get into.

Starting and maintaining a regular fitness routine is hard. If you've gone through that process and have achieved a certain level of health and fitness as a result, then giving that up because of scheduling conflicts or other disruptions to your life can be more costly than just not feeling as fit. Other aspects of your overall mental and physical health that have benefitted from your regular routine can suffer dramatically from a sudden and significant slowdown or cessation of exercise. If you're thinking of stopping your regular exercise routine, here are some negatives you should probably consider.

5 Areas of Your Life That Can Be Affected

  1. You’ll lose lean muscle mass. Missing a workout here and there won’t have a huge impact on your muscles, but once you miss weeks or months, the differences become noticeable.
    • If you get out of the habit of working your muscles for an extended period of time, you run the risk of losing them.
    • Your body in unable to maintain lean muscle mass, it is unable to sustain it without exercise.
  2. You may gain weight. We all know that regular exercise is an effective way to lose weight, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that quitting the gym might mean that the excess weight will return.
    • You are at greater risk of gaining weight if you don’t get your caloric intake under control. Your body also won’t burn those calories if you aren’t working out.
    • If you are unable to work out, think about your calories and how to control them as much as possible.
  3. Your endurance decreases. You will almost certainly see your strength and aerobic endurance decline, making it harder for you to do physical chores around the house.
    • Eventually, going up and down stairs will feel challenging.
  4. Your mind won’t be as sharp. Oxygen and blood flow more smoothly to the brain when you exercise. When you alter that, you may find you have less clarity. Your concentration and memory may both be negatively affected.
    • You may notice a real difference if you have been working out regularly for a long time and then stop.

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  5. You may have difficulty sleeping. There are several reasons why you may have difficulty sleeping when you stop exercising, such as:
    • Exercise is a great way to alleviate stress and anxiety. You may well find that you begin worrying again soon after you give up working out for an extended amount of time.
    • Exercise has long been known to promote sleep. After a good workout, your body needs rest, which makes it easier for you to fall asleep.
    • Studies have shown that exercise can help prevent restless leg syndrome, which is often responsible for people having a tough time sleeping through the night.
    • The same rules apply with sleep apnea, which makes sense when you consider that weight gain is often a trigger.

Skipping Workouts Can Have Unexpected Ramifications

We all have occasions when we must miss a workout session from time to time. But, if you have been on a regular exercise regime for some time and are considering laying off for any extended period of time, you need to know that there is probably a price to pay other than the ones you're already aware of. If your schedule won't allow your normal routine for a while, find a way to alter it so that you don't just stop exercising for too long at a time. Missing a couple of days here and there can be compensated for. Missing weeks or months from your fitness routine will be much harder to recover from.

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