Speed Up Weight Loss

Speed Up Weight Loss

Safely Speed Up Weight Loss with This Sensible Formula

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When you're trying to lose weight, it always feels as though the scale just isn’t moving fast enough. This is especially true if you have hit a plateau or are trying to lose weight faster than your current rate. The good news is that there are ways to safely speed up the weight loss process without harmful side effects. We're not talking about trying some of the gazillion products that claim to help you lose weight quickly. Almost all of those are either "snake oil" or they can be dangerous to your overall health ... or both. Instead, we're talking about safe, natural ways to boost your weight loss and speed up the process while staying healthy and fit.

It's easy to become discouraged with your weight loss progress when you've hit that inevitable plateau, particularly after having some noticeable early success. But that's not the time to give up and go back to your old habits. There are ways to safely get over this hump, kick start the process again, and speed up the timeline to your target weight. The key is to do it in a way that is not dangerous to your health.

Change How You Eat

  1. Keep sweets to a minimum. Sugary foods taste great, but they are loaded with calories and deliver cravings. There are healthier options out there, such as yogurt and cinnamon that are better than sugar.
  2. Reduce portion sizes. Keeping the occasional treat in your diet is not totally horrible, but you need to watch how much you eat. A small piece of chocolate may prevent you from eating a full candy bar later.
  3. Load up on water. It has long since been proven that water not only quenches your thirst, it helps suppress your appetite. This is a much better option than diet soda, which, while calorie free, can in fact have you craving sugar.
  4. Eat protein throughout the day. A lot of people save their daily protein allowance each day, but you can get a metabolic boost by having protein with each meal.
  5. Crash diets are bad. Cutting way back on calories can have an adverse effect, as it could potentially lead to your body burning less energy. Your doctor can help you put together a healthy daily caloric intake, while a calorie counter can help keep you in check.

Change How You Exercise

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  1. Turn to aerobic exercises. If you are looking to lose weight, aerobic exercise, such as biking, swimming, and running are key. Find yourself a workout partner and start looking at aerobic exercises that are healthy and fun.
  2. Pack on muscle. Adding muscle can help you burn even more calories while you are resting. Think about adding 2 strength training days per week to your schedule, but make sure that your body gets the rest it needs between sessions.
  3. Compound exercises are great. Exercises, such as lunges, that require you to work several muscles at the same time are excellent.
  4. Look at interval training. Moving between high and low intensity exercises while you work out can help burn calories quickly. For example, sprinkle in some running while you are out for a walk.
  5. Keep moving. The amount you move should not be limited to the time you exercise. Get up from your desk and walk for a few minutes while you work or take the stairs instead of hopping in the elevator.

A Few More Tips to Speed Up Weight Loss

  1. Get plenty of sleep. You may not be aware that a lack of sleep can lead to weight gain. Try to maintain a regular sleeping schedule even on weekends and on vacation. Keep your bedroom dark and as free from ambient noise as possible.
  2. Check your stress levels. Stress is partly responsible for your body storing fat. Take time to relax and look at things like a day spa or a meditation session.
  3. Maintain a journal. Keeping a journal where you track what you eat and how you exercise is important, as you can spot trends that may be hurting your weight loss. There are lots of apps available to help you do this, as well as a traditional journal.
  4. Consult your doctor. You should do this before you embark on a weight loss journey, but you can also do it if you have stalled. There may be a medical reason why you are not losing weight at the level of work you are putting in.

Take The Long View

Losing a lot of weight is something that happens with time and effort, all of which comes through positive lifestyle changes. A healthy diet and a great exercise program will help ensure that you arrive at your weight loss destination faster. Try incorporating as many of the tips listed above as possible. They can potentially speed up your weight loss process while helping you to avoid dangerous behaviors that can harm your health. Be well.

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