Surprising Fitness Trends

Surprising Fitness Trends

Some Fitness Trends You May Not Know About

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Given how quickly things change in the health and fitness universe, keeping up with the latest fitness trends can be near-impossible. As you probably well know, fads in fitness and exercise come and go with some regularity. Some are short-lived because they're just silly; like the ones that purport to offer health and fitness with no effort from you. While many of us wish that were true, most of us know better. Then there are the trends that don't catch on for a variety of other reasons ... they require too much time, or money, or equipment that we don't have ... or they offer a path to fitness that most of us are just unwilling to take for whatever reason.

Most of us understand that getting in good shape and staying fit and healthy over the long term is going to take some work on our part. Depending on your particular genetics, you might have to put in less effort than others, but almost all of us have to expend time and energy, and do it on a consistent basis to get and remain fit.

But does that mean that your workout efforts have to be drudgery? Does exercise have to be unpleasant? We think not, and we've brought together a few fitness trends that you may not know about, or at least may not have considered. They're not necessarily "new" but they're still a little off the beaten path. See if you spot something that looks fun and interesting and maybe worth a try.

Fitness Trends That May Change Your View Of Exercise

  1. Aerial Exercise – This is one of the hottest fitness trends out there. Also known as trapeze exercises, you need to go to a gym to take part.
    • If you have ever been to the circus and saw flying acrobats perform, you may be surprised to learn that there are classes available where you can learn some of those skills. Aerial classes teach you the basics and lead you all the way up to advanced moves.
    • With padded floors and trainers on hand, the risk of injury is low.
    • You will learn to fly through the air with the aid of ropes, scarves, and bars.
    • You will work a lot of muscles and burn a ton of calories.
  2. High Altitude Exercise – Exercising at high altitudes delivers a unique workout for your entire body.
    • If you don’t live in a high-altitude region, you will need to find a specialty gym where this type of exercise is offered.
    • If you are able to find this type of gym, you will find that they have equipment that helps them control oxygen levels. When you exercise with less oxygen, you are able to improve endurance.

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  3. Parkour – As fitness trends go, exercise doesn’t get much more unique or fun than parkour, which is often described as being akin to jumping around on the playground.
    • With parkour, you get around different obstacles by any means necessary, with running, jumping, and swinging all incorporated.
    • People who take part in parkour often say that it makes them feel like a kid again.
  4. Hot Pilates – As the name suggests, you do Pilates inside a heated studio. Pilates is already a challenging exercise that helps tone your muscles, but a new wrinkle is added with the addition of heat.
    • The heat is designed to loosen the muscles.
    • You will get tones and burn calories, helping you lose weight and build a lean, toned body.
  5. Custom Online Training – Why bother going to classes or hiring a personal trainer when you can now get everything you need online?
    • Plenty of fitness experts are now online waiting to help you build a custom program, so you are not just limited to the trainers at your local gym. They can quickly put together a program that helps you quickly achieve your desired fitness goals. You can do these sessions daily or weekly, making it easy to work around your schedule.
    • Rather than trying to find time to drive to the gym, you can now simply go online and get started right away.
    • You are in complete control of your workouts.

Keep An Open Mind And Explore

The fitness industry moves quickly and there are always ways to stay in shape that are new and interesting, and often unique. Rather than completely ditching your current exercise regime, why not mix in one or two of these new trends to help spice up your routine. It’s a great way to try something new and potentially find new workout buddies. And who knows? You may discover a new love of exercise while you're at it.

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