Tank M2 Fitness Sled

Tank M2 Fitness Sled

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Save $200 on the Torque Fitness Tank M2 Fitness Sled *

TANK M2 Fitness Sled is $999

This week, a first-time offering from RX Fitness for our Deal of the Week. Save $200 on the Torque Fitness TANK M2 Fitness Sled. Normally $1199.99, this week you can get the TANK M2 for only $999.99. That’s nearly a 22% savings off our regular price! The M2 Sled is designed to give athletes a complete workout. The TANK M2’s tires allow it to be used on any surface without fear of damage or noise, making it the most versatile workout sled in the industry. Choose from three levels of resistance to switch up the intensity of your workout either in different runs or in the same run.

Key Features of the Torque Tank M2 Fitness Sled

Tank M2 Fitness Sled

  • All Surface Fitness Sled
  • Perfect for HIIT Training
  • Variable Magnetic Resistance
  • Ideal for Group Fitness Training
  • Length – 51.42 inches
  • Width – 31.93 inches
  • Height – 37.30 inches
  • Weight – 150 lbs
  • Accessory Packages available for team training
  • Coated with electrostatic paint for use outdoors
  • Overall conditioning while still being gentle on joints

Save Almost 17% on the Torque TANK M2

Torque’s TANK M2 Fitness Sled is bi-directional, meaning that there is no need to turn the fitness sled around as you go about your workout. Each grip point has a firm rubber coating which allows the user to get a tight hold. The power and burst that TANK™ provides makes it the ultimate push and pull sled. Unlike friction sleds or ‘prowlers,’ TANK is controlled by magnetic resistance — meaning athletes don’t need to change out the weight for each user. By flipping the resistance lever, you can change the intensity of your workout without adding or removing heavy weight plates. Weight plates shown are not included. Weight does not add to the resistance but is required in order to create traction for the wheels on some surfaces. Download the TANK M2 spec sheet HERE

Tank M2 Fitness Sled woman

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Wednesday, June 26, 2019. Purchase must be made in our store in Thousand Oaks.
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