Triggerpoint Cold Roller

Triggerpoint Cold Roller

Save $80 on the Triggerpoint Cold Roller at RX Fitness *

TriggerPoint Cold Roller $19.99 at RX Fitness

It's BAAAACK! RX Fitness Equipment is once again offering our lowest price on the Triggerpoint Cold Roller! The Cold Roller is the most advanced recovery tool on the market. Myofascial release and cold compression combine to provide the most effective recovery and the greatest rate of return. Don't miss an opportunity to pick yours up for only $19.99. That's $80 off our regular price of $99.99 and a savings of 80%! The Cold Roller is a game changer and this Deal of the Week is one of our best offers ever. This offer is limited to stock on hand, so hurry if you want to take advantage of this remarkable deal.

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Features of the TRIGGERPOINT Roller

  • Stainless steel for deeper compression
  • Filled with cooling gel to create cold compression
  • Stays cold for up to three hours for continued relief

How to Use the Cold Roller

  • Place in freezer for two or more hours
  • Wipe down with warm washcloth to remove frost
  • Begin rolling with only light pressure to allow muscles to adjust
  • Roll continuously and do not stop and hold


  • Height – 11.5inches (29cm)
  • Diameter – 3.9inches (10cm)
  • Weight – 1.35pounds (610gm)
  • Roll continuously and do not stop and hold

Save 80% on the TRIGGERPOINT Cold Roller

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As always, it's our goal to help you save on the best equipment and accessories, big and small, and we don't think you'll find a better price on the TriggerPoint Cold Roller than this week's Deal of the Week. Call us today, or stop by the store in Thousand Oaks. We'll be happy to answer all your questions. And, for some great advice about equipment and accessories, don't forget to check out Tim's best-selling book, Fitness Equipment – A Shopper's Guide, available at Amazon and other online book sellers as well as in our store.

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* This offer will begin on Thursday, September 12, 2019 and remain available until close of business on
Wednesday, September 18, 2019. Purchase must be made in our store in Thousand Oaks.
No phone or internet orders. Shipping is not included. Limited to Stock on Hand.

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