Using a Foam Roller

Using a Foam Roller

The Foam Roller – A Great Addition to Your Workout

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You’ve almost certainly seen a foam roller at your gym or yoga studio. They're showing up everywhere; those long cylinders made of dense foam. You may have wondered what they’re used for, or perhaps you know but haven't really thought about using a foam roller in your own workout routine. Are they worth investigating? Do they offer anything really beneficial to your workout? Keep reading. We'll try to answer your questions below.

What Is It Used For?

Foam rollers can be used for lots of great exercises! If you’ve never used a foam roller, which can be found at RX Fitness Equipment and most sporting goods stores for between $20 and $40, you’re missing out on a great muscle massage! Using a foam roller regularly offers many benefits, including reduced inflammation, scar tissue and joint stress, plus improved circulation and flexibility.

Using Foam Rollers Pre or Post Workout

Using foam rollers can relieve muscle tension and help alleviate stress on the spine. Try a few of the exercises below with your foam roller. See if you don't start to feel a difference very quickly.

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  • Upper Back – Rest your back against the broad side of a foam roller positioned underneath your shoulder blades. Your knees should be bent so that your feet are flat on the floor and your butt should be lifted up. Cross your hands over your chest or behind your head. Keep your core muscles tight and slowly move forward and back so that the foam roller moves up and down your back. Be sure to keep your head straight and not tilted at an angle. Failure to keep your head straight will put stress on your neck and spine!
  • Lat Muscles – Lie on your right side with your right arm extended out past your head. Put the foam roller under your right armpit, perpendicular to your body. Bend your left arm and place your left hand on the floor for support. Roll up and down the roller for several reps, then switch to the other arm and repeat the exercise.
  • Quadriceps – Lie face down with your foam roller directly under your thighs. Bend your elbows so that your forearms are flat on the floor and are supporting your weight. Your feet should be lifted about a foot from the ground, your toes pointing away from you. Use your arms to gently roll up and down on the foam roller, keeping your abs drawn in and core muscles firm.
  • Hamstrings and Glutes – Sit with your legs extended in front of you, with the foam roller right under your thighs. Put your hands flat on the floor behind you for support and use your arms to roll up and down on your roller from the bottom of your glutes to just above your knees.
  • Shins – Get on your hands and knees on the floor, with the long end of the foam roller placed underneath your shins. Your hands should be positioned just in front of your shoulders on the ground. Shift your weight forward, bringing your shoulders toward your hands to move the roller from your ankles to your knees.

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Very Travel Friendly

All of these exercises can be performed separately or together for a great tension-relieving addition to your pre or post-workout routine! A foam roller can be a hugely beneficial and inexpensive addition to your workout equipment and can be used just about anywhere. Give it a try.

Discover The Many Uses of a Foam Roller

You can use foam rollers for proprioceptive exercise in balance and stability or to roll out trigger points, knots and areas of increased muscle density. They're perfect for use in applying sweeping strokes to the long muscle groups like the calves, adductors and quadriceps, as well as small, directed force to areas like the TFL, IT Band, hip rotators, and gluteus medius. Once you have it in your arsenal, you'll find dozens of ways to make good use of it.

RX Fitness Equipment Has The Right Foam Roller For You

Fitness Equipment - A Shopper's Guide

If you'd like to take a look at some foam rollers and ask a few questions, we are here to help. Stop by one of our stores and poke around. And, if decide that you need some additional equipment in your workout space, we carry the top brands to fit every goal and budget and we're here to make your fitness routine more productive. Stop by any of our three store locations or give us a call. And don't forget to check out Tim's best-selling book, Fitness Equipment – A Shopper's Guide, available at Amazon and other online book sellers as well as in our store.

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