The Early Risers

The Early Risers

Who Are They and Why is Waking Up Early So Important?

Waking up early

What's so great about waking up early? There's a lot of truth to the old cliché, “the early bird gets the worm.” While you might be the kind of person who is loathe to give up even five extra minutes of sleep, don’t click past this article just yet. If you can get over the mental block against waking up early, you can cultivate a habit that will help you achieve your goals (fitness or otherwise) and help you become happier, healthier, and calmer.

Many Successful People Wake Up Early

If you read the biography of almost any famous figure, from Franklin Delano Roosevelt to Warren Buffet, you’ll learn that they were all early risers. Why? With so many things on their plate, they found that the early hours in the day were precious. The morning is the perfect time to get a head start, to make time for yourself and, most importantly, to clear your schedule and give you time to exercise! Early morning just might become your favorite time of day.

Why Should You Be Waking Up Early?

There are many physical and psychological benefits to waking up early. First of all, early birds are less likely to blow off a workout. According to a scientific study presented by the annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies LLC, night owls find it more difficult to schedule workouts and stick to them. Similar studies found that early risers are also more cheerful, positive and proactive. They tend to have an attitude indicating action and confidence and they cultivate a “get it done” personality. Additionally, early risers eat healthier and they eat less. A 2011 study done by Northwestern University found that people who sleep in consume 248 more calories a day and twice as much fast food as early risers. And finally, a more serious consideration: there is a proven higher association between depression and the tendency to sleep late.

You’ll find that the qualities you enjoy about working late at night, like quiet and solitude, are also found in the early morning. And the enormous benefits of waking up early will soon become benefits you can’t live without!

How to Start Waking Up Early

You don’t necessarily need to workout as soon as you wake up, but many people find that getting their workout out of the way first thing clears the rest of the day. You get your physical exercise in, you get something accomplished before most people have even woken up, and you get a burst of endorphins to power you through the rest of your day. Plus, you know you won’t find an excuse to worm your way out of a workout later because your workout is already done! It’s a great feeling. But getting into the habit of waking up can be a bit difficult. We've listed a few things that might make it easier.

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  • Go to bed earlier. Often, there is no real reason for staying up past, say, 10PM. Are you really gaining anything from scrolling through Instagram or browsing Facebook? Go to bed at a decent time so you can get enough sleep (ideally 8 hours or so).
  • Turn off the electronics before bed. Give your mind and eyes a break from the constant screen time. Try reading a book or indulging in a hobby in the evening hours. This will put your body in a more relaxed mood and will help you fall asleep more easily when bedtime comes.
  • Get the sunlight flowing. When your eye senses light, it sets off a neurological reaction in your brain that immediately wakes you up. Go to bed with your curtains open, so the sunlight naturally wakes you up.
  • Brew coffee. Coffee in moderate quantities stimulates the brain. But did you know even just the scent of coffee can trick your brain into activity mode? If your coffee pot has a timer, set it to brew a few minutes before your alarm clock goes off, so that you can wake up to the delicious scent of a fresh cup of joe waiting for you!
  • Prepare breakfast ahead of time. Have an easy breakfast with protein and complex carbs ready for when you wake up. Think eggs, peanut butter, fruit and yogurt, etc. This will give you an energy boost to start your day and fuel your workout.
  • Pack your gym bag in advance. Have everything ready to go in your bag, and put your shoes at the door. This will make it easy to get out and go.

Give It a Shot. You Might Become a Morning Person!

Try making early rising a part of your life ritual and see for yourself how it will help you reach your goals and become a happier, more successful person! But remember to try to get to sleep a little earlier as well. Good luck!

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