Your Weightlifting Routine

Your Weightlifting Routine

Keys to a Good Weightlifting Routine

Good weightlifting routine

A good weightlifting routine is the result of thought and patience. In order to build muscle, you need to progressively increase the number of repetitions in your weightlifting workout. Your initial goal should be to take the number of repetitions beyond 12. Once you cross that mark, you should then look at periodically increasing your reps by 5% or more.

Beginners often make the mistake of expecting too much too quickly. Patience is one of the keys to success. We can all gain 5 pounds with little effort, but adding 5 pounds of lean muscle is far from easy. A good weightlifting routine will build muscle at the right pace without risking injury.

Diet and Weightlifting – Inseparable

Diet also plays a major role in your chances of success, as a healthy diet will help your body recover between workouts. You will need to up the intensity of your program when you see your body begin to fill out.

Build Your Weightlifting Routine Intelligently

A common misconception is that there is no connection between brains and brawn. The reality is that bodybuilders usually have a very strong mind-body connection. Remaining disciplined is part of it, but you also need to be aware of the focus being put on each of the specific muscle groups.

Any weightlifting routine that has been designed to build muscle mass will contain exercises such as bench presses and squats. These are commonly referred to as multi-joint exercises, or compound movements. In these exercises the largest muscle groups shoulder the majority of the work.

Consider Hiring a Personal Trainer

Good weightlifting routine with a trainer

When your focus shifts from building muscle to defining it, your weightlifting routine will start to include rear dumbbell laterals and curls. It is here that aerobic workouts should also be added to the mix.

If you want muscle gains to continue over the long haul, the amount of weight used and repetitions need to be gradually increased. If you start the week doing 12 repetitions with 215 pounds on your leg workouts, you should be up to 225 by the middle of the week in an attempt to complete six repetitions.

It may seem a little challenging to create a good weightlifting routine when you first get started. This is why a personal trainer is a good investment, particularly for a beginner. Alternatively, you could purchase books and DVDs about weightlifting, as most come with multiple workout routines that you can copy.

Be Patient.  A Good Weightlifting Routine Takes Time

When you first begin, it will take about 4 days to work out your entire body. There is little time for your body to recuperate here. As you progress, you will be hitting a 12 day cycle that allows for longer stretches of recovery time between weightlifting sets. Once you get your program down pat, you will be on a 5-8 day cycle that will see you hit all of your body parts that need to be worked.

By the time you reach that point, you will be thinking of yourself as a bodybuilder, and of your weightlifting routine as a reward. When setting up your routine, look for weightlifting exercises that will deliver results to your entire body. The 60 minutes you spend working out each day is your chance to grow, so make it count.

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